Scenius has dropped their new album titled ‘Enough Fears’. Coming off as a suave mix of electronic, subdued darkwave, pop, and hints of rock, Scenius give that raucously eerie mix that works for a massive audience.

‘Enough Fears’ tracks as a shift for the sonic duo in a few key ways in that you have a more accessible Scenius while you have that original flare for the fanbase to keep going on. This is a complex move for any band or artist but Scenius seems to pull it off with creativity and professionalism. This is an evolution most artist fail at but Scenius succeeded as if it was a natural progression.

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About Scenius

Scenius draws inspiration from the early electro-pop outfits – both pre-punk (Kraftwerk, Brian Eno…) and post-punk (New Order, Depeche Mode …), through to contemporary bands (LCD Sound System and Boards Of Canada) – to pursue in their own way the same thrilling mission: make vintage synths and rhythm machines sound soulful and touching.

The band is a cross-channel project, composed of Steve Whitfield, based in Leeds, UK, (music) and Fabrice Nau (vocal parts and lyrics), based in Angers, France.