1. An Interview with Seven Year Witch Jammerzine Exclusive 54:24

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Spencer Burdon, bass player for the soon-to-be mega-famous band known as Seven Year Witch. From South Carolina to the world, SYW has shaped their sound to become an influence to all new artists with not only their style but their choices. Having recently covered Akon’s ‘I Wanna Love You’ (review HERE), the band is already known for making unique musical choices that not only work but define them.

And today we talk with Spencer about this musical direction as well as everything Seven Year Witch. We also talk about their new video for the track titled ‘Cyanide’, which releases today.

‘Cyanide’ takes the band into an even more ethereal direction with a varied melody and a monster hook that will stick with you long after that first listen. Check out the video below to get the latest taste that is Seven Year Witch.

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About Seven Year Witch

The backwoods of South Carolina isn’t one’s first thought when it comes to a modern shock to the heart of rock n’ roll.

Straight out of left field with an electrifying hybrid of hard rock, blues-punk, and 70’s garage rock, Seven Year Witch emerges with enough stage energy to feed a generation starved of real rock n’ roll.

After years of performing under a different name, the group unveiled the Seven Year Witch title in 2018. The band’s reception exploded regionally, as they began to share the stage with the likes of Buckcherry, P.O.D, Tom Keifer’s Cinderella, Pop Evil, Adeltia’s Way, and Crobot. With no big city fluff and proudly independent, Seven Year Witch continues to develop a cult-like following.

The band frequents an east coast and Midwest circuit, all the way from Texas to Canada and anywhere in between.

The group has been featured in South Carolina’s most notable festivals (Fall For Greenville, Spittoono, Melting Pot Music Fest) as well as a live performance on Cartoon Network’s [adultswim]. Having battled poverty and the scrutiny of rock n’ roll in the bible belt, Seven Year Witch has cut their teeth and made their own luck.