1. Whats Wrong With Changing? Wallis Bird 2:46

‘What’s Wrong With Changing?’ offers a jubilant first look into Wallis Bird’s forthcoming LP Hands, out 27th May 2022. Appropriating the rhythmic discipline of Janet Jackon’s Control, Rhythm Nation 1814 and janet this early insight is powered by a sequence of chunky chord progressions packed with compelling drive. Overflowing with ingenuity and brazen spirit ‘What’s Wrong With Changing?’ epitomises Bird’s string of unapologetic workings – demonstrating her well-respected and shamelessly unafraid temperament.

Wallis Bird: “The song is about the milestones of my life: living in London, getting to know other cultures as a young person, to Ireland breaking free from State and Church and voting in gay marriage in such a stark Catholic Country. In my short life there have been huge changes and social structures have been dissolved and I have said over and over: what is wrong with changing, there is nothing in this world that is not changing, so I think let’s move with the change.”

Irish born and Berlin based, Wallis Bird has released six albums since 2007, for which she’s won two Meteor Awards, Ireland’s annual music prize – mostly recently for Best Female Artist – and a prestigious 2017 German ‘Music Autoren Preis’ (Music Author Prize), not to mention two further nominations for the Choice Music Prize, Ireland’s equivalent to Britain’s Mercury Prize. In addition, she’s racked up over a thousand shows during the past decade, earning a reputation worldwide for her legendarily passionate, energetic and good-humoured concerts. Wallis has also previously found a champion in American artist Amanda Palmer, and the Irish Times once noted that Bird’s irrepressible trademark energy on stage could “kickstart an entire economy”.

‘What’s Wrong With Changing?’ propels us into Wallis’ seventh studio album to date, HANDS – also known as ‘NINE AND A HALF SONGS FOR NINE AND A HALF FINGERS’ (in reference to a childhood accident that permanently damaged her left hand). The album is a turning of the spotlight onto herself, raising issues that are sometimes far harder to face. Confronting themes of trust, alcohol abuse, stagnation, self-censorship and self-improvement. Each of them, however, is delivered by a voice uncommonly blessed with joy, ingenuity and empathy.

The release of ‘What’s Wrong With Changing?’ comes with the support of “half song” and B-Side – ‘Pretty Lies’.