1. An Interview with Sløtface Jammerzine Exclusive 24:26

Sløtface (pronounced slutface) is one of those bands that has grown far beyond the borders of their native country, in this case, Norway. Forming in 2012 and evolving ever since, Sløtface has solidified their name in the #inde genre and beyond with a solid track record of songs and music that not only clearly defines their own style but is already influencing new music in this new decade with lyrically soulful and social conscience songs that demand a listen.

And on this day, the day of the release of their new album titled ‘Sorry For The Late Reply‘ via Nettwerk/Propeller Recordings, we get to talk with the frontwoman of Sløtface, Haley Shea. We talk about the new album, the upcoming tour, as well as the beginning of Haley Shea and where things are going. Consider this more of a good conversation than an interview. Enjoy!

About Sløtface

The Norwegian punk-pop band formed in 2012 in Stavanger after the members met each other on the city’s local music scene. Vocalist Haley Shea and guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad met first and began writing songs together before being joined by bassist Lasse Lokøy and drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke. The four-piece settled on the name Slutface as they wanted something that was provocative and set them apart from other bands on the local scene. They released their debut self-titled EP in 2013, but it was the follow-up, 2014’s We’re Just OK, that gained acclaim in their native country. These early EPs defined the group’s identity, which was inspired by riot grrrl bands like Bikini Kill but also had a strong pop sensibility.

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Much like the riot grrrl scene of the early ’90s, feminist issues were a central theme of the band’s songs and were a strong presence on both of their 2016 EPs, Sponge State and Empire Records. The former was the first release to gain recognition outside their native country. After they struggled with censorship on social media sites, the band changed their name to Sløtface (pronounced the same way as their original name). In 2017, Sløtface released their debut long-player, Try Not to Freak Out. Their sophomore, Sorry for the Late Reply, arrived in 2020, bringing with it a self-described “raw” and “minimalist” approach to their typical sonics.

Artist Biography by Bekki Bemrose.

Sløtface are:

  • Haley Shea, Vocals
  • Lasse Lokøy, Bass
  • Halvard Skeie Wiencke, Drums
  • Tor-Arne Vikingstad, Guitar

“Their sparky indie punk still evokes sunny days and exhilarating nights”
– Kerrang!

“ …the band nails down flaming guitar riffs over a fluid bass line, topped with the playful vocals of lead singer Haley Shea.”

“Norway’s Sløtface Makes Political Rock You Can Dance To”
– Nylon

“Their sound embraces the fierce, satisfying aggression of punk and hardcore and the foot-tapping, bounce-around vigor of pop.”
– Interview Magazine

“ …explosive and bold, pushing [Haley Shea’s] unexpected lyrical couplets and lacerating wit right up to the edge of collapse.”
– AV Club