Rave Ami drop their new single titled ‘Nausea Ad Nauseam’ today. The lyrics make you think, which is something that the music industry really needs right now; songs with substance. The music creates the tension surrounding said lyrics in a way that forces the listener to, well, listen. Beyond that, the music is fitting in that perfect underground creative feel. What I mean here is to say that the music is subtly captivating while giving that tension that chugs along to the vocals while adding a personality all its own with a bassline that goes beyond the chord progression into an underlying melody with a lush soundscape flying overhead. This is the layered textures that I pray to become the standard of music in this decade.

About ‘Nausea Ad Nauseam’

The focus of the newest single “Nausea Ad Nauseam” from Pittsburgh rock group Rave Ami is paid to the tension between sexuality and spirituality. Each line is meant to confuse the listener about which subject the narrator is specifically addressing.. or if the narrator is existing somewhere in an uncanny valley in-between.

The instrumentation has a feel of both antiquity and modernity. The track was written on a Magnus Chord Organ in singer Joe Praksti’s attic when the group was out of rehearsal space and reflects the natural intimacy of the song. A blend of programmed and acoustic drum loops, synth pads, and string arrangement give the song its own world – one that invites repeated visitations after the last string swells bend to rest.

About Rave Ami

Rave Ami is the loudest rock ‘n roll band in Pittsburgh. The power trio of guitarist/vocalist Joe Praksti, bassist Pat O’Toole, and drummer/vocalist Evan Meindl play a room-rattling push-pit of haggard grunge, beer-stained power-pop, and fuzz-drunk indie-rock. Their 2018 sophomore album, cheekily titled All Great Bands Break Up (produced by Adam Meisterhans of Rozwell Kid), is rife with sticky melodies, tasteful harmonies, virtuosic drumming patterns, and subtly brilliant basslines. From the fanged hooks of “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It (IDWTAI)” and “Hate Yr Guts” to the intense psych-rock climaxes of “Boone” and “Romantic Panic,” the band managed to capture the excitement of a basement show on record. And then they did it again on their explosive 2019 single, “Or Alike.”

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With that being said, the only real way to experience Rave Ami in all of their glory is to catch them live. Through their tireless domination of the Pittsburgh DIY circuit, and by touring frequently throughout the East Coast/Midwest, the three members have developed otherworldly creative chemistry that’s simply unmatched in the concert setting. All of their sets begin with a casual round of staged shots and end with Meindl knocking his cymbals over while Praksti kneels beneath his amp, feedback screaming through a room full of ringing ears. And every moment in between is just as reckless, freeing, joyful, celebratory, and downright exciting to witness—in basements, bars, and small clubs alike.

However, despite their undeniable presence and their preternatural tightness as a unit, Rave Ami radiate a friendly, inviting warmth both on and off the stage. Yes, they’re carrying the torch for rock’s feral forebearers by turning every set into a raucous party. But they’ve left all traces of macho bravado in the dust, translating the genre’s freewheeling lifestyle through the sort of genuine kindness and respect that’s needed today, more than ever, in the world, they navigate. And they manage to kick utter ass while doing it.