1. An Interview with Spurge Jammerzine Exclusive 28:20

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the band Spurge. More specifically, Jen Hodges, front-person and bassist for Spurge.

In this interview, we get an inside glimpse at their unique sound as well as the the new EP titled ‘Crown’. Jen is a musician that is as original as she is creative. And it shows. Not only within her self but with those she has built Spurge up with.

About Spurge

Spurge started in Nashville 2013 when Jen (bass) started writing instrumental music for her own amusement. She felt she had found her voice sonically during the creation of “The Untitled EP” and decided to play a few local live shows. She recruited the drummer in her previous band, a local metal guitarist and a jazz college student. They were received warmly in the scene. In 2015 Jen got a promotion and moved to Atlanta.

She had to rebuild the band. She kept the same formula. Gospel drummer, metal guitarist, and jazz guitarist, This current iteration has played with Thank You Scientist, and Tony McAlpine. When COVID hit, the group recorded their latest, Crown. They are planning a secret show this fall in Atlanta to celebrate the release of Crown. They have also released a video for the EP’s first single, ’57’.

The current line up is Jen on bass (Berklee grad, gigging musician.) Charles on guitar (gigging musician, gear head and tech wizard.) Marlon on drums (musical family, marching band, gospel, R&B.) Ben on lead guitar (gigging musician, shreddy Krueger.)