1. Extra Virgin BYSTS 0:30
  2. Breathless BYSTS 0:30
  3. Crime BYSTS 0:30
  4. Taken BYSTS 0:30
  5. Garlands BYSTS 0:30
  6. Runes BYSTS 0:30
  7. 16mm Lover BYSTS 0:30
  8. Spread Out BYSTS 0:30
  9. Marathons BYSTS 0:30
  10. Palace BYSTS 0:30
  11. Burn Slow BYSTS 0:30

BYSTS have today released their new album titled ‘Palace’. Featuring a diverse set of beautiful noise drenched in originality, ‘Palace’ is as solid as it is darkly gritty and freedom from musical conformity.

Each track has its own signature. Separately, each is a song. Together, everything is a statement. A ‘F*ck You’ to the industry. A somber solace that originality still exists. It lays between the noise and the harmony.

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Through brash, beautiful genre-bending BYSTS have created a visceral new sound reminiscent of Massive Attack, Love & Rockets, and The Jesus and Mary Chain reframed in challenging new light expressing a dark wave psychedelic sound with beautifully lush, pop arrangements and moody, hypnotic swells backed by a blazing wall of noise. The duo’s unique vision separates them from the numerous music acts releasing music on a regular basis.

By writing, recording, producing and mixing their music BYSTS have cultivated the artistic freedom they need to create such beautifully rich compositions. The duo have received consistent praise for their noisy fuzzed-out guitars, crushing drum beats and haunting vocals that The Sound of Confusion has described as

“You could call it coldwave, you could call it darkwave, but if anyone’s invented a genre called post-apocalyptic wave, then this must be what it sounds like. The noise they make is huge and feels like brute force.”

Following their debut singles, BYSTS were invited to headline their night at the internationally respected music festival Canadian Music Week 2016 in Toronto. BYSTS have been able to inspire a loyal fanbase throughout the United States and Europe of both rock, psych, shoegaze, and noise rock music lovers as well as more popular genres as pop and electronic with features by France’s Le Libération, Northern Transmissions, Fourculture, Indonesia’s MAVE Magz, and Switzerland’s Artnoir as well as national and international radio play.

Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow have performed with an amazing lineup of artists, including Autolux, Black Angels, Black Lips, Mini Mansions, Ben Kweller, Dead Meadow, Spindrift, Strange Boys, White Rabbits, Dengue Fever, Swervedriver, The Growlers, White Hills, and Crystal Stilts.

SOURCE: Official Bio