1. An Interview with The Rah’s Jammerzine Exclusive 35:01
  2. She’s Not The Rah's 3:34

Today we get to catch up with one of Jammerzine’s favorite bands. The Rah’s. In this interview, we catch up with frontman Jack McLeod about their new single titled ‘She’s Not’, the evolution of their sound, the future plans The Rah’s have in store with lie dates, videos, and more as well as life for the band and family in the age of COVID.

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‘She’s Not’

The new single from The Rah’s titled ‘She’s Not’ is a clear, grittier, and darker evolution for the band soundwise. That lyrical snark is still there and amplified. That dedication to the hook is more prevalent. Whether you want to call it a more ‘rock-style’ or something else, what is there is that drive only bands and artists get who want to progress. The drive is phenomenal. That heaviness on this level is usually achieved by speeding the song up, but with ‘She’s Not’, we get an anthemic rebellion dedicated to the chaos at home.

About The Rah’s

Fronted by the charismatic vocalist Jack Mcleod and featuring Jordan McIntrye (lead guitarist), Neale Gray (drummer), Lee Brown (bassist) and Jack Miller (keyboard/ guitarist), The Rah’s are an alternative rock band from East Lothian, Scotland. 

Over the course of their career, the bands striking live performance style and electric sound have led to them touring across Britain and Ireland, capturing the curiosity of fans with their early releases.
Having supported the likes of The View, Chris Helm, and The Fratellis and with Radio X presenter Gordon Smart highlighting the band as one to watch on the Scottish Music Podcast ‘Telt’, the band is going from strength to strength, and The Rah’s are beginning to make their mark on the UK music industry.
After spending over a year in the studio,  the year ahead is set to be the best yet, with The Rah’s due to tour up and down the country ahead of the release of their debut album. Not to be missed.

About the name

The story behind the name is pretty random, in all honesty. Completely random actually. We decided to change our name when we started writing our own music. It involved a lot of alcohol and a “what happened?” moment the following day. After looking into what ‘rah’ actually means the next day, according to the urban dictionary, it’s the polar opposite of what we are. So for that reason we decided to keep it. The Rah’s… whatever that means, it looks mint and it’s ours.