1. An Interview with The Trappistines Jammerzine Exclusive 34:07

The Trappistines have officially premiered their new EP titled ‘Joy’. But we also have that added special treat of an exclusive interview with Corey Lawson of The Trappistines to talk about ‘Joy’, spread some joy, and give us the scoop on all things ‘Trapps’.

With the new EP ‘Joy’, we get that unique continuation of a band that has found their sound and continued that artistic evolution that gains fans and enlarges the scope. That lo-fi sound and hook-filled swagger within the song give each song a certain something about it that will engrain itself individually into your memory.

‘The songs on this record were written a year prior to the pandemic, but when they were recorded over the summer, they took on whole new depths. Now, being emotionally informed by the isolation of lockdown. In early 2020, I (Corey) was coming out of heartbreak, a lay off, and a canceled-due-to-Covid tour, I had two things that kept me upright: the process of making this record with some of my best friends, and my dog Mozy, who in no small part inspired the theme of the record – Joy. It’s a record about love, loss, healing, more loss, and an unwillingness to surrender any ounce of joy and hope I’d managed to gain throughout.’

About The Trappistines

Born in a Minneapolis haze of late night after parties and early morning coffee talks, The Trappistines are equal parts shy emo-pop nerds and grown soulful misfits. Formed By Singer Corey Lawson, who formerly wrote and performed as bedroom pop rnb artist MUNQS, and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Baum (Har Mar Superstar/Pornonono) the two bonded over what occurred when they blended their disparate but complementary tastes and production styles. With guitarist Matthew Vannelli (Haley/Zach Sobiech) and drummer Jared Isabella (Night Moves/Tiny Deaths) The Trappistines maneuver through styles of indie rock, electropop, funk, alt-rnb, and neo-soul.

Joy is a collection of pre-pandemic written songs that center around love, loss, isolation, and rebirth, but were it not for the initial summer lockdown, the record may not have come together the way it did. In late March their tour with friends Heartbones had been canceled due to the pandemic, and shortly following that, Corey was laid off. So with a lot of time on his hands and songs already written, Corey kicked the recording process into high gear. These songs felt more mature and soulful than any they had written before, which led Corey to recruit woodwind extraordinaire, Nelson Devereaux (Bon Iver/Lizzo) to contribute horns to 5 of the 7 songs on the release.

While the pandemic rages on The Trappistines have been taking time to stay healthy and focus on the other things that bring them joy. Corey is working from home, writing new songs, a screenplay, and making countless trips to the dog park. Aaron is busy as the co-owner/operator of Mid City Studios. Matthew is creating his own Sunday crossword to submit to the New York Times, and Jared is managing a deli and recording his own brand of Miami-influenced Elevator Jams.

Featured image by London King.