1. An Interview with Treasures Jammerzine Exclusive 45:13

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with San Francisco’s own legends of loud in the form of Treasures. More specifically, Jack Friel and Bobby John of Treasures. With their new single and video titled ‘Cinnamon Lover’, the backstory of which is in the interview, and their new album ‘Gold Rush City’, about to drop, Treasures are on the verge of showing something big.

Check out the teasers of their live show and live sound below with the performance videos for ‘Forgotten’ and ‘Patience’, recorded live at Amado’s below.

Check out their upcoming show with The Young Barons and Goof at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA on December 9th. Tickets HERE.

About Treasures

San Francisco musicians Jack Friel and Bobby Franz, both in different Metal bands and sharing a rehearsal space in the Bayview district, were hungry to start a Rock and Roll project. They hit the ground running, producing demos and refining their vision for a contemporary rock experience.

They were soon introduced to veteran local riffster Corey Largent and multi-instrumentalist Sam Lowther, forming a powerhouse lineup fit to bring their demos to fruition. After linking up with Mikel Ross at Lucky Recording Co, the group wasted no time, spending 2020 meticulously crafting their debut studio record.

With Gold Rush City, Treasures brings forth a collection of 8 unique and memorable rock songs packed full of energetic hooks, unapologetic guitar leads, and tasty melodies.