When listening to Vesuvius one notices that the metal scene is not only in a transitional phase but bands such as Vesuvius are consciously perfecting not only their songwriting craft but their adhere to detail. From obtaining a near perfect mix to outstanding guitar and bass tone it’s clear that the innovation that is the metal scene is safe and sound in the hands of bands like Vesuvius. Jammerzine speaks with Benjamin from Vesuvius as he tells us about how the band got it’s start as well as the present and the future.

About Vesuvius
The driving concept behind Vesuvius (often stylized VSUVS) is not thus of simply hard-working, driven musicians who hunger to perfect and share their craft. Vesuvius is not definitive of a song, Vesuvius is not abbreviated to the talents of four individuals, no; Vesuvius is a collective of art, evidence, and materials whose composite is that a tale of woe, resolve, and overcome, tailored to any listener willing to drown in an ocean of ever-encompassing detail and emotion.

The convocation of the counterparts composing the performance element was not overnight; said lineup had seen many a crowd and shared many a stage before discovering the unique chemistry behind the guise we now share. Billy, Robin, Taylor, and Benjamin have all composed and performed both music and/or other art forms for multiple years under different identities; most notably, the four had shared the stage among two other bandmates under the name Of Burning Empires since the spring of 2012. When said act founded little progress within those years, the four grew hungry, longing for sustainability and hence, took on a new name and form.

Now reborn, long merciless days and long sleepless nights are devoted towards honing the sound and message Vesuvius has set out to achieve.