1. An Interview with Wet Sunset Jammerzine Exclusive 32:01

This latest Jammerzine Exclusive is something I really enjoyed doing. I enjoy them all, don’t get me wrong, but this is something special. I am speaking of Fanny Batt from Wet Sunset. I enjoyed this because Fanny is so down to earth yet, when combined with the rest of the band, has that certain sound that makes them identifiable. And to think that Wet Sunset is a new band.

Based in Paris, Wet Sunset have released their new EP titled ‘A Deep Blue Swimming Pool’ (buy links below).


‘A Deep Blue Swimming Pool’ is an EP that is all too short for me. With a solid mix of electro-pop, light dream-pop, and creative originality, Wet Sunset start off with a solid debut that may transcend time and help define this group of artists careers for years to come.

About Wet Sunset

Somewhere between northern lights and southern palm trees: That’s where Wet Sunset comes from. Wet Sunset, it’s Fanny Batt Senneby (Fanny Batt, Alfie), and two accomplices that had already met in previous projects – Fredrik O and Alex Viudes (Wellbird, Yerevan Tusk,…).

Citing influences as varied as Chromatics, FKA Twigs or Fever Ray, the Franco-Swedish trio created an intense and shiny soundscape, yet deep and full of nuances. A contrast between the brightness of the northern light and the soft caress of a southern sunset.

The flamboyant and cosmic first single A Deep Blue Swimming Pool, followed by two unreleased tracks composed by the trio during the summer. Apricale and Olympic are joined by Getaway, a darker affair that seduced the English label Aztec Records, who did the British release of Owlle’s first album in 2014. The EP closes with an Essence Of Time treatment of the title song by Michel Saurin.