When you think of music from the past you inevitably come to the conclusion that the bands of today are always copying the bands of the past. I challenge you to say that about Scotland’s Estrella! This is a band that clearly honors the past while creating something totally contemporary and their own with their music. That is the sign of true talent.

Having opened up for classic pop/hard rock band Enuff Z’ Nuff and played the Download Festival this year (with the year only half over!), I talk to Lead Guitarist Luke Gunn about what it’s like to be at the forefront of the great rock revival as well as the past, present, and future. Enjoy!

Estrella are:
Paul Gunn – Vocals
Luke Gunn – Lead Guitar
Nathan Gunn – Bass
Leo McPherson – Drums

About Estrella
Hailing from Thurso, in the far North of Scotland, the rock band Estrella was formed by the Gunn brothers. So why Estrella? Drinking late into the night and viewing the film “Rock Star” complete with Spanish subtitles – yes they don’t know why either – the brothers thought “Estrella” sounded a cool band name only later realizing Estrella meant “star” in Spanish. The name has stuck and now the star is incorporated into the band’s logo.

The band, under new management, relocated to Aberdeen to pursue a career as full-time musicians. Shortly after they released their first self-titled EP, opened the Northsound 1&2 “Free At The Dee” live music event performing in front of 30,000 people and carried out a tour of Scottish Secondary Schools supporting local Aberdeen urological cancer charity UCAN.

Gigging throughout the UK, Estrella also won the Scottish Bandwagon/Local Hero Competition (going on to perform at the final in the Islington Carling Academy in London) and the Global Battle of the Bands, Scottish Best New Band Award. Judge Matt Walker said “Estrella were real contenders. They gave a great performance. They hit the stage running and they were full of energy and enthusiasm. And I’m sure they will be a band to look out for in future.”