Two time Big Busk winner Natalie Shay has come out with a stunningly beautiful yet extremely retrospective and experienced song with “And They Stare”. Now, do you want to hear a nugget of information? She’s only 16! Yes, it’s true. This stunningly arresting song and many more like it come from a person that is still “learning” their life lessons. Now, having said that, this “girl” is clearly not only  a woman now but a woman on a mission and that mission is to capture parts of her innermost self straight into her music and give it to the world and the world will be a better place for it.  Enjoy the interview!


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About Natalie Shay:
Drawing influence from the likes of Kate Nash, Mumford And Sons and Snow Patrol, Natalie Shay’s music cannot be tied down to just one genre, with a strong yet folky voice, addictive acoustic guitar and out of this world solos, it’s clear we are dealing with a very talented writer. Currently studying at the Brit School, which boasts alumni such as Adele and Ella Eyre, it looks as if Natalie is set to follow in their footsteps.

A classically trained guitarist from the age of 5, Natalie has been writing and performing her own unique style of music since she was 12. She is also regular performer on the London circuit, often playing at the cities most iconic venues.

At just 16 Natalie Shay has already;

  • Won the Mayor of London Gigs: Big Busk competition twice
  • Racked up over 12,000 followers on Twitter
  • Won Open Mic UK
  • Won the Guardian Future8 2014 Music Award
  • Won the London Music Award for Best Undiscovered Talent

With a perfect mix of Shay’s signature powerhouse vocals, and the most infectious of all guitar riffs, ‘And They Stare’ is the perfect follow up to her debut single ‘Follow You Home’ which soared to number 15 in the iTunes Singer Songwriter chart.

This is certainly a young songwriter to watch out for.