The U.K.’s Zaflon is a prime example of the musician’s work ethic in today’s digital world. Not one to be simply pegged down or categorized into a certain genre, Zaflon is a pioneer of exploration. If Lewis & Clark were a band, he would be Lewis. Check out Jammerzine’s exclusive interview into the mind of a genius with a plan as we explore his possibilities.

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About Zaflon
“When I was a kid, my dad took me to this guy’s studio who was making film soundtracks. He was using racks of samplers and a big automated desk to create the sound of an orchestra. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Ten years later I’d be using the same studio to record Royce Wood Junior and Jamie Woon.”

Although his interest in production and engineering was piqued at an early age, Zaflon, aka London-born-and-raised Dan Clarke, first stepped on the musical ladder playing guitars and synths in schoolboy indie bands, lying about his age in order to secure gigs. The acquisition of a digital multitrack at the age of 16 proved the initiator for Clarke to go on and gain a music degree from Westminster University, which was followed by the classic post-graduate dilemma: “What the hell do I do now?” Wisely, Clarke decided to apply his studio skills to as many projects as possible and Zaflon was slowly forged on the back of metal bands, theater soundtracks, acoustic EPs and, increasingly, forays into electro, hip-hop, grime, garage and drum’n’bass.

As both his business nous and reputation grew, Zaflon was able to cherry-pick his collaborators, and performed live production duties for irrepressible dance trio Love Nor Money as well as engineering tracks by Jamie Woon and Royce Wood Junior. This year, Zaflon has been dedicating his time to his own electronic musicianship, creating a visionary form of alt.digitalism that has drawn comparisons to the likes of Aphex Twin, Reso, Burial, SpectraSoul and Lapalux, but in truth plays with many sub-genres, for, as he admits: “No matter how authentic the tune starts out, whether it be dnb, hip-hop or psychedelic post-rock, it always ends up as a mutated, bastardised version of what it originally was.” ‘Blink’ is the first taster of these thrilling mutations, four of which Zaflon will be collecting on an EP in the latter half of 2015.