1. Jurassic 5's Soup J5 Jammerzine Exclusive 28:22

Soup J5 has worked hard for what he has become in life. Very Hard. You can easily see the fruits of his labor in the form of Jurassic 5. But maintaining is just as hard as achieving. And Soup proves that he can do that just as well with his solo effort, ‘Still In Fullee Love’. The EP is stellar. But that’s just the beginning. He also has a full length album titled ‘Free, White & 21’ waiting in the wings.

In this interview we get a grip on how Soup began his career as well as how he continues to stay so original in today’s music world. It’s a hard feat but, as you can hear with his new single ‘All Around The World’, Soup’s talents are eternal. Enjoy!

About Soup J5
Soup J5 came up and found fame as part of the iconic, gold-selling Hip Hop group Jurassic 5. With over 25 years in the music industry, Soup has received gold records for his work on Wu-Tang’s debut album, Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers, and Mobb Deep’s sophomore album, The Infamous.

Soup was also responsible for Jurassic 5’s first demo deal with Relativity Records.

He is now taking that experience and word play and beginning to release music on a solo level too. His first offering is a blend of the Hip Hop and swagger that made Jurassic 5 a success, he also incorporates a touch of Soul and classic R&B as he builds on his already famous delivery.

‘All Around The world’ is a track taken from the EP ‘Still In Fullee Love’.

2017 is set to be a seminal year for Soup as he prepares to follow up the EP with a new album, ‘Free, White & 21’ set to release in Autumn, which will be supported with worldwide touring.