This interview was a breath of fresh air for me. Here we have a professional musician with both business sense and common sense mixed perfectly with an uncanny talent for songwriting and audio engineering all in the package of a single person. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kubalove! In this age of increasing blandness and repetitiveness she is an artist that always seems to be on the verge of genius with her music. And that is the perfect place to be. On that teetering brink between heartbreak and legacy but always remaining balanced. Listen to the in depth interview as well as her latest single “Trouble” and you will leave in total agreement and, hopefully, a life lesson in both music and the business behind it.

About Kubalove
Kubalove is a London-based artist who creates dark, dense and seductive electropop. She has been described as “the missing link between Goldfrapp and M83. You have been warned”.

In a recent Spotlight Artist feature, The Unsigned Guide claimed that Kubalove’s “sensual sounds, deep bass synths, echoing drum beats and whispered, sexy vocals will get under your skin.”

Kubalove is currently completing her debut solo album. Her first single ‘Dangerous’ was released in early 2014 and received high critical acclaim, with the VPME blog calling the track “a dense steamy passionate sexually charged slice of dark electro pop.”

Her next single ‘All I Want’ was released later in 2014. The accompanying video was directed by L.A. director Susie Francis, who has previously worked with the likes of Bob Dylan, Olly Murs, Cut Copy and Tame Impala. The video stars fasion model Kasimira Miller and the hollywood actor Tarquin P. Wilding – Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson.

Kubalove’s music has been featured widely on TV, adverts and online videos. She has recently had tracks placed on an adverting campaign for major tech brand Hewlett-Packard, an entertainment show hosted by Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney, and a video for the popular YouTube football channel Copa90.

Kubalove is published by Metropolis Music Publishing Ltd:


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