Rarely do any of us get a chance to do what we love as a job. But Dan Johnson is one of those lucky few. And not only has he achieved his dream but he did it at a young age and multiple times. Starting out as the drummer for UO4 and The Sammus Theory he then hooked up with Brian “Head” Welch of Korn fame and has been globally recognized as a respected musician ever since.

Dan has been a member of the band Love And Death since 2012 and Red since 2014 he also now delves into country music as a session artist and is now also drumming for Digital Summer. Where does he find time to rest? Find that out and much more in this exclusive Jammerzine interview and get a taste of how to stay on top!

About Dan Johnson:
In December 2007, Dan landed a live performance on MTV. With Dan’s dedication and talent he never strayed from his dream. In 2009, he Was selected out of thousands of auditions to be the drummer behind Brian “Head” Welch, formerly of Korn.

In 2011,toured with Back from Ashes a rock/metal band from Phoenix, AZ

May 2014 ~ joined and started touring with the band Red, (Rock / Alternative / Ambient) which consist of members Michael Barnes, Randy Armstrong, Anthony Armstrong.

Dan keeps himself busy with studio and live work as well as teaching students drums. He proves himself to be one of the premiere up and coming hard-rock drummers of today. “Playing drums of any kind is truly why I exist but nothing replaces that feeling I get when I’m onstage doing what I love, and connecting with the audience because of that.