1. Erica Chase Interview Jammerzine 42:02

I have to start this off by saying that this is a beautiful interview. This is an aural journey into the mind of a person, singer, songwriter, multi-talented musician, and woman who has literally been born again and raised from the ashes like a phoenix.

Erica Chase has overcome many of the obstacles we all face and, sadly, overcome, overwhelm, and undermine us all into thinking that we are simply not capable or not good enough to fulfill our dreams and aspirations. What many of us fail to realize is that we all have the strength in us to achieve our wildest goals and our most cherished dreams. This is EXACTLY why Erica is an inspiration. And when I say inspiration, I am not saying that to a specific group because whether you’re a man, woman, child, black, white, or anything within the spectrum of color, gender, or uniqueness Erica’s journey to becoming an established force in the music industry is definitely a roadmap to, not only success but to wholeness as well. Think about that when you listen to this exclusive interview.

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About Erica Chase
Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to show you what you really want in life: New music artist/guitarist Erica Chase met Dana Strum of Slaughter and Vince Neil’s solo band. The next day, she was hit by a truck while riding her bike and nearly died. But rather than walk into the white light, how did the collision of these two events change her life and lead her to the path of music – all within a 48-hour period?

Today, Erica, her guitar and piano are taking her Adele/Sam Smith/Ed Sheeran vibe into the studio with Dana, a multi-platinum producer. Erica’s new video/single is “Paris”, directed by Chris Hicky (Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood)!