Jamie Lee Smit - Mon Amour Monique
Jamie-Lee Smit

I recently talked with Azylya frontwoman Jamie-Lee Smit about her new solo album Mon Amour Monique from her home in Belgium. Mon Amour Monique is a unique blend of catchy pop and solid rock that comes together to form 10 tracks of catchy hooks. Listen to our interview with Jamie as she talks about her songwriting process and how her new album came to form. To hear previews of Mon Amour Monique, check out the previews on The Test Drive. My personal favorites are “Bye Bye You” and “Route 66”.

About Jamie-Lee Smit:
Jamie-Lee Smit is a young and talented Belgian singer and model. She has been widely known for her metal band Azylya, which performed at big festivals like Metal Female Voices Festival, PPM Festival, Damen Of Darkness Festival and many more.

After the huge success of Azylya’s debut album “Sweet Cerebral Destruction”, Epictronic signed a worldwide deal with Jamie-Lee to produce her debut solo album which has been written, composed and produced by Riccardo Daga.

The Album consists in a strong mix of Indie Rock and New Wave developed through emotional patterns and enhanced by dramatic french lyrics.

The record was released on March 30th.

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