What I love about my job here at Jammerzine the most is meeting artists, not just with the talent, but with the drive and dedication the music industry demands in order for that artist to be heard. And I have found those qualities in Nadine Zureikat. Nadine is an artist from Jordan with a rare sense of style and finesse it takes to make an original mark on the global market and will definitely be someone that you will become familiar with in the coming months. If I were you I would bookmark this page so that when she is a household word you can claim to be the first in your circle of friends to have heard of her. I know that may sound like a bold statement but I stand behind my words. I also am pleased to see that she is so down to earth. This interview sounds more like a good conversation between friends at your local coffee shop and that is a good quality to have when you’re a budding young pop star in the making.

I have also included her latest single “Sweet Escape” in this article your your listening pleasure. It is a testament to the future of the indie scene!

About Nadine Zureikat (from nadinezureikat.com):
Hi, I`m Nadine. I am a 24 year old Architect by day and a Singer/Songwriter by night. My favorite thing in life is to write songs that make the audience see what I saw, hear what I heard , and feel what I felt. Because, as far as I’m concerned, life is a song.

At the age of 10, I performed my first piano composition to a live audience. That is when I realized I loved performing just as much as I loved playing Red Alert 1 on my PlayStation!

Since 2005, I started writing my own songs. When I`m down, I start playing the Piano or Guitar and whatever I am feeling comes out on paper. I perform at social events and I enjoy ever part of it. I am obsessed with the ” A minor Chord,” can`t write a song without it.

I specialize in writing/performing vocals in array of genres including EDM and I`m featured on a variety of Music Producers/Djs tracks & Record Labels such as the Swiss Record Label Trontronic. My latest Track ” Kern & Meier Feat. Nadine Zureikat – Sweet Escape” and its many remixes has broken into the Top 100 Beatport Releases in Trance, Progressive house and House charts. On RDIO, it hit at #2 Best selling album in Switzerland and #8 in France.

Being a Singer/Songwriter and working as an Architect is a definite juggling act, but because of my degree in architecture, I know the price of success: dedication, handwork, and going the extra mile to the things you want to see happen.

Thank you for listening, showing up, and checking my Site. Have a nice productive day!