Simply put… this band is amazing! Their music on their new album “Let It Lie” is an eclectic and welcome combination of Americana, Blues, Southern Rock and Country with so many original and catchy hooks that, if you were not told it was a new album, you would swear you were listening to a classic. And that’s what “Let It Lie” is. It’s a modern classic. Check out the previews in our review under The Test Drive and listen as I talk with Dave Landreth about what he and the Brothers have in store for the fans!

Joey Landreth – Guitar
Dave Landreth – Bass
Ryan “Rhino” Voth – Drums
Ariel Posen – Guitar

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Jammerzine Exclusive: Meet The Bros. Landreth
Let It Lie

About The Bros. Landreth:
Let It Lie was recorded in a straw bale house in southern Manitoba, during one of the coldest winters in recent memory. Working with producer Murray Pulver, The Bros. Landreth found warmth in the songs that Joey and David had written at home, brewing up an earthy, earnest sound that has since drawn comparisons to The Band, The Allman Brothers and Jackson Browne.

Bonnie Raitt who first heard them at the Winnipeg Folk Festival this summer says, “I haven’t liked a band as much as The Bros. Landreth in a long time. To hear this kind of funky, southern style rock played with such originality and soul will knock you out.”

The new album has been embraced in Canada with the Winnipeg Free Press applauding the band’s “blues rock [songs] resplendent with soulful harmonies as golden and warm as the late evening sun.”

Trisha Yearwood, who recently heard Let It Lie shares, “The Bros Landreth. Wow! I hear so many sounds I love. They mix southern rock, soul, and country together effortlessly. These guys are making great music from the heart. I can’t stop listening.”

Album highlights like “Our Love,” “Firecracker” and “Nothing” were all inspired by a string of rocky relationships, but Let It Lie is more than a breakup album. Filled with mid-tempo rockers, butter-smooth ballads and cowboy lullabies, it’s the sort of album that finds inspiration not only in the landscape of the human heart, but also the windswept prairies that stretch for hours on every side of Winnipeg’s city limits. The music is steeped in the history and heritage of the band’s hometown, and if it sounds wintry at times, that doesn’t mean it’s not downright lovely.

The band will be announcing further UK shows for October shortly.
Please watch now The Bros Landreth perform the song Runaway Train live: