1. Interview with The Soft Shades Jammerzine 14:50

The Ukraine is quickly becoming a hotbed for the talent of the new indie. Here is a prime example. Meet Dmytry Gubskyi and his latest project, The Soft Shades. The Soft Shades are a complex, progressive style instrumental powerhouse with the complexity necessary to get their message across. And that message is melody.

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About The Soft Shades
Founder Dmitry, has been passionate about music his whole life, he started learning how to play the accordion when he was just 7 years old. He has gone onto play and tour in lots of different successful bands in Europe as well as being involved in lots of different musical projects in his home country of Ukraine. In 2012 he played at Euroblast in Cologne with his previous band ‘Joncofy’.

After being in lots of different bands, Dmitry wanted to create a new style of prog & metal instrumental music where he was involved in every aspect of the project from creating the music, writing the scores to producing and recording it all together for the album. It is very much his project that he had wanted to create for a really long time but wasn’t able to in his bands previously.