I first got into Forever Never way back in 2006 with their album “Aporia” and now, as fate would have it, I actually get to speak with FN’s frontman Renny Carroll! To say I love this job, as long and tiresome as it can be, is an understatement when it comes to moments like these. This is not an interview so much as it’s a great conversation and that’s what makes Renny not only an awesome rock star but a true human being and that makes me not only love Forever Never all the more but appreciate them more than you know.

In the interview we talk about Forever Never’s beginnings and their journey from Billericay, Essex to your ears as well as their new heavy hitting music and the future. Check out the video for their new single “One Life” below and enjoy the glimpse into the mind of a genius.

Their new single “One Life” is released today. Get it HERE.

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About Forever Never:
Smashing it since 2004 and taking a short hiatus in 2012, Essex metallic rockers Forever Never are now back stronger and more confident than ever. Their sound has constantly evolved and matured over the years, to the point where their metal/rock/pop/RnB sound could spawn a new sub-genre.

SOURCE: Official Bio