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For those of you who have not heard Bentley Jones’ brand new “Unravelling” album, you’re really missing out. Just check out our review HERE and get it HERE. That’s not a shameless plug, either. It is solid recognition of a true talent in the middle of his next evolution. To be honest, there are but a handful of artists that I will truly endorse, in the most earnest sense of the word (you can find them on Jammerzine because I will admit to this in their reviews as well), and Bentley is one of them. He is one of those “watch and learn” type of artists that other musicians, of all types, can take lessons from and actually better themselves through seeing how he does things.

Today we learn more about how Bentley does his thing as well as his opinions on playing live and the state of the current music scene. Enjoy!

“Unravelling” will be released on 2nd June 2017. Check out the links below for availability.


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About “Unravelling”
Bentley Jones is set to continue his reign as independent artist pioneer with the release of his most personal album to date “Unravelling”. Mixing dark and delicious electro-pop productions with radio-friendly hooks and tortured lyrics about the struggle with grief, identity and acceptance, “Unravelling” is Bentley’s 9th studio album to be added to a catalog that has earned him 6.2 million global sales.

The album is the product of a year full of agonizing turmoil. 2016 began with the passing of Bentley’s father who kept his disapproval of Bentley a dark secret until after his death. Within a month Ben underwent major surgery to treat a long-term joint injury. Another month on and Bentley uprooted his entire life by moving to the quiet serenity of the Cannock Chase to begin the long process of recovery – both physically and emotionally.

“It was a long, dark, difficult process. Discovering my father’s actual feelings towards me posthumously made me question everything. My relationships with everyone around me suddenly changed overnight. Then there’s the grief itself to deal with… my recovery from surgery… I was overwhelmed and I think this album captures all that. I don’t think I’ll ever be fully over everything that happened last year, but I’m in a much better, lighter and stronger place now.”
– Bentley Jones

Anyone who’s seen the music video for “Unravelling’s” title track can see that Bentley has bounced back bigger and fiercer than ever before. Reinventing himself with a dramatic new look while executing impressive sign-language-based-choreography incorporating the song’s lyrics, there’s no questioning his resilience nor our gratitude that he’s finally back with his best album ever.

About Bentley Jones
UK artist Bentley Jones has experienced success that most independent artists can only dream of; +25 million YouTube views, +6.2 million artist sales and remix credits for the likes of Britney Spears, will.i.am., Madonna, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift – even Lady Gaga follows him on Twitter. Debuting in Japan in 2009 his first single broke the Japanese Top 5 and his album was the first major Japanese album to be released by a British artist. Since then he has been independently successful around the world topping various charts, touring as well as composing scores for video-game franchises such as The X-Files, Tekken, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gradius and QQ Dance.