A few weeks ago we premiered Warme video for “Council House Opera” and, we must say, we’ve been impressed with Warme ever since. They are not one of those “here today gone tomorrow” bands and just at listening to their music is evidence that they are impossible to be taken lightly. “Council House Opera” is a straight attitude total rocker for the new millennium and now I get the opportunity to talk to the man behind the music that is Warme. Check out what they have coming up as they are poised to take their place in the dominance that is, as our slogan at Jammer Direct is, the “Evolution of Revolution.

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About Warme:
11081245_809513319131562_1195856187682966807_nA Bradford based group with a love for British rock and roll, Warme are not only next in a long line of Brit bands, but also like to party like them too. Their energetic, fun-loving approach spawns music that follows in the footsteps of The Verve, Oasis, The Who, The Jam and countless others all the way back to the Beatles. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds, but all following one thread – great British talent through the ages.

This cocktail of guitars, drums and vocals has already seen the five-piece picking up fans both locally, nationally and internationally, with BBC Introducing among their admirers. And now, with a new album (and lead single) titled ‘Council House Opera’ on the way, the second half of 2015 is set to see yet another big step forward for the band.

Their songs are inspired by the real life scenarios of a band who grew up on council estates in the North of England. Themes of love, peace, fistfights, drinking, partying and hardships all make their way into the lyrics – a reflection of the toughness and joy that have come from their surroundings growing up.

And, having played great shows at European festivals in recent years, the band are no strangers to huge crowds. Having performed in front of tens of thousands on several occasions, Warme are not shy about the quality of their music. And it’s precisely this confidence which could propel them into the great ranks of British rock.

Warme are:
Lee Walsh
Craig Hamilton
Jamie Hamilton
Macauley Haywood
Dan Hudson