In this episode of Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie we feature exclusive interviews with Johnny Indovina and Mark Balderas from rock legends Human Drama, #indie upstart Jonny Kosmo, and the original sounding Proper Nouns. Also new original music and videos from Aleks Grey, Electrobuddha, Max Embers, Royals, Yelpy, and Razorbats.

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About Human Drama

In this Jammerzine Exclusive, we talk to literal legends of music in the form of Johnny Indovina and Mark Balderas from Human Drama. And by legends, I mean immensely talented musicians and true human beings. Human Drama is one of those sacred icons of music having evolved musically for almost five decades and showing no signs of slowing down while doing everything on their own terms. This, to me, is that unspoken achievement rarely achieved and almost never accomplished.

Their latest album, titled ‘Blurred Images‘, is a continuance of their evolution of revolution that began with ‘Hopes Prayers Dreams Heart Soul Mind Love Life Death’ and refined and remolded through ‘Broken Songs for Broken People‘. Retaining that core sound while evolving into new forms of music is the sign of true musicians and artisans.

On ‘Blurred Images’ throughout, you get a set of personal takes on the snapshots of life. You will hear about this in detail in the interview. Musically, the album is blurred in genres at times yet comes together succinctly as a concept. Some will say that this fits a metaphor of a scrapbook filled with images, but personally, I feel that it is a single canvas of paintings molding into one another. Not knowing where one begins and another ends, but, collectively, make something whole.


About Jonny Kosmo

Jonny Kosmo has given an exclusive interview to Jammerzine. I announce that because, when you hear his music, you will see. This artist is a true original. From his music to his life and everywhere in between.

And, in this interview, we talk about his new album titled ‘Pastry’, to be released June 4th on Feeding Tube Records and Dinosaur City Records (AUS). We also talk about his innovative video from ‘Pastry’, for the song ‘Fool’ (video below), featuring animation with personality by Peter Nichols (his YouTube link below).

Whatever your musical tastes are, I think it is safe to say that you will find space on your plate for Jonny Kosmo. His music comes from that part in all of us that wants to know our individuality and inner child. Jonny has found both and made them partners.

“There are two sides to every coin. “Fool” is about how our character struggles can also be our greatest assets. In this case, it is love and connection with another that allows the defensiveness and protection of the fool archetype to shift to that of a fool for life. I aimed to capture the movement from the rigidity of taking ourselves too seriously to the humor of being human.  This song is accompanied by a video made by Kevin Kearney, Peter Nichols (animation), and myself.”
Jonny Kosmo on ‘Fool’ video


About Proper Nouns

Spencer Compton from Proper Nouns is our special guest in today’s Jammerzine Exclusive interview. Having just released their new album titled ‘Feel Free’, Proper Nouns are at that magic moment where they get a wider audience and those original fans can start saying ‘I remember when they started’.

In today’s interview, we get a personal glimpse at the man behind the music as well as the beginnings of Proper Nouns and how to overcome the trials life throws at you, both internally and externally, and convey them in the music. This can be inspirational.


About Aleks Grey

Aleks Grey has released his new single titled ‘B.A.B.Y.’. Standing for ‘Being Alone the Breaks You’, tells the story of not taking that chance in life. Finding that special someone. I’ve been there myself and thank God my fiancé is braver than I am.

Having said all of that, the song starts off with that Aleks Grey that has evolved into a more complex and thoughtful songwriter and such a different and diverse artist with a stellar track that is as pertinent as it is polished. This song sounds like a million dollars. And that, folks, is the secret to getting your name out. Listen. Learn. Love, baby!


About Electrobuddha

Electrobuddha is set to drop the new single titled ‘Biba Love’ on June 4th. An almost retro-anthem with psyche-rock roots, ‘Biba Love’ sonically marches forth with the musical history of the past few decades and brings a dirty hook and raucous beat you won’t soon forget.


About Max Embers

Max Embers is set to drop his new single titled ‘Wildest Dreams’ on Friday. Before then, however, we get that exclusive first listen, and, this one is a privilege. It is a privilege because not only does ‘Wildest Dreams’ fit the sign of the times, it does it with such an earnest and honest way about it and a clear and vivid musical side that you will not only relate but rely on.

‘Wildest Dreams’ has a subtle orchestral vibe with Max’s weathered angelic vocals guiding and gliding throughout. Some songs need not shout the message in your face. Some just need to give you their heart. This is the latter. Beautiful. And over too soon.


About Royals

Royals have released their new single and video titled ‘Jaded’. Those first few notes make it obvious that Royals are master songwriters. The hook is strong and the song is solid. But there’s a message behind the music, and it is solid. The song is a lesson and a guide in this trying time of isolation and COVID. We are all there, whether we are still trying to figure out our new lives or we are resigned. ‘Jaded’ sings that we are not alone, and that change is here. We can all make our strength that strength of adapting, and learn that we are not alone, even if we are jaded.


About Yelpy

Yelpy has released his new video for the track titled ‘Heartbeats’. Written masterfully and capturing that moment and emotion within the moment, ‘Heartbeats’ accompanying video is a visual aid to that future memory and style that is always copied but almost never improved on, except here. Simplistic video captures soar with the consistent hook that is the style of Yelpy. This is magic.


About Razorbats

Razorbats have officially today released their new album titled ‘Mainline Rock ‘N’ Roll’. Multiple eras clash in multiple ways and collide with originality in this new album that showcases Razorbats’ songwriting and musicianship. There isn’t a single song that doesn’t deserve a foot stomp or a headbang in a solid rock album with signature riffs and distinct hooks. This is an anthem as much as it is an album.


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