Exclusive interviews with Hybrid, Alphanaut, and Order of the Static Temple. Also, exclusive premieres and new music from Ciaran Whyte, Joe Symes and the Loving Kind, Me, I’m Counting, Run Remedy, Skumlove, Space Summit, and The Convenience.

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About Hybrid

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with a duo of masterclass composers and musicians that go under the moniker of Hybrid. With their new album titled ‘Black Halo’ releasing tomorrow via Distinctive Records, Hybrid are poised at just the right time to release a new album on the scale of originality and creativity as I have seen in this past year, to say the least.

Hybrid is not only a unique music project, but a pair of composers who have been in the game since the 90’s and have written music for over 30 feature films, computer games and trailers including Fifty Shades FreedX-Men: WolverineBillionaire Ransom, the Fast and Furious franchise.

That culminates into the music of ‘Black Halo’ A concept album in flow and style and a soundtrack to that future set of memories you will get. You will hear me in the interview praise this album for a few reasons. Almost in a gushing manner. There is reason for this. Maybe I heard ‘Black Halo’ at just the right time. Maybe I heard it in just the right setting. To be honest, part of the reason I say this is the best album I have heard in a while was how it changed my mood and my outlook for the day with the first track and sustained that feeling, modifying it with each song, through the end. Prompting a second listen. That is what music should do. introspect, interpret, influence, and enhance. And I can say, with all honesty, that this has the potential to do the same for you. There are many layers in each song on ‘Black Halo’. Musical, emotional, and spiritual.

In the interview, we talk about the songwriting and creative process that defines Hybrid as well as the album itself. This is as much a good conversation as it is an informative interview. Enjoy!


About Alphanaut

We have both a premiere and an exclusive interview with an interesting group of artists known as Alphanaut. Having formed in 2008 by Mark Alan, we get to talk with Mark about their new video titled ‘Virtual Love’. A video with an original visual vision directed by Ben Klebanoff, ‘Virtual Love’ is a stylistic message from conformity proclaiming sexual independence and freedom to be with who you want to be with, and does it with a playful and friendly style with a massive hook and a subtle execution.

In the interview, we talk with Mark about the new video and everything new with Alphanaut, including their upcoming album ‘On Some Planets This Is Pop’, dropping this fall, and what’s ahead for them as the pandemic slowly recedes.


About Order of the Static Temple

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Rob Robinson from Order of the Static Temple. Their new album titled ‘Rise In Fire’ was released on June 18th via Negative Gain and has received some tremendous reviews. Bringing old school industrial back in its true form is a risky gamble, but it pays off with ‘Rise In Fire’.

In the interview, we talk with Rob about the ‘Rise In Fire’ album; from making to marketing as well as the current state of the post-COVID music industry and releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic. A lot to ingest in this interview as it becomes a really good conversation with a knowledgeable musician.


About Ciaran Whyte

Ciaran Whyte has premiered his new single titled ‘If I Were You’. With a charming grit and relatable swagger, Ciaran releases one of those tracks that stomps along in the flowerbed that is the mainstream and leaves his footprints for all to see as an announcement that something different has arrived. Something original. Not from the assembly line hitmakers but from those that everyone can relate to. This is music.

‘Title…Uncertain’ releases August 13th.


About Joe Symes and the Loving Kind

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind have released their new video for the track titled ‘I’m Gonna Find Out Someday’. While the video showcases a photo montage of the band in their current state, the track lends credence to the powerful and simultaneously subtle songwriting skills that Joe Symes and the band has that is truly captivating. From the little guitar inflections, catchy lyrics and melodic hooks to the carefree style of the overall music, Joe Symes and the Loving Kind are a band that plays way ahead of their years and sounds even farther ahead of their time.

Check out our other features with Joe Symes and the Loving Kind HERE.


About Me, I’m Counting

Me, I’m Counting has released his new video for the track titled ‘Wave Age’. A visual combination of cityscapes and urban backdrops with vivid color overlaid, the video compliments the song in feeling and tone and pulsates with the music in an uneasy unison to announce the arrival of something original.


About Run Remedy

Run Remedy has premiered her new video titled ‘WOMAN: Belladonna’. This is more of a short film and, hopefully, a public service announcement as much as it is a music video. This is also a video that has come at the right time.

My first thought was from when I was a young boy waiting for my mom to take me to school and how, while it only took me the length of making my bed, taking a shower and getting my clothes on; my mom was still ‘putting her face on’ when I was finished. As an innocent child, I never understood this. My dad took even less time than me to get ready. And now I get it. ‘WOMAN: Belladonna’ has answered every question I have about this. That double standard that women should be seen and not heard. That their looks are what attracts a husband, which they need to survive in this society. I am so glad that this is being exposed in this day and age. Change is slow. Progress is slower. But persistence is patient.

This song, even without the video, is a message wrapped in luminous and subtly engulfing music. A wake up call. After watching this and reflecting on it, I realize why I say some of the things I say to my fiancé. I love it when she doesn’t wear makeup. She is simply beautiful. Beyond words. And now I believe I know why I love it when she doesn’t ‘put her face on’, Because I love her true face. There is a reason they call it makeup, in my opinion. It is intended to ‘make up’ for your shortcomings. The shortcomings that society as told you repeatedly. If that last sentence resonated with you then please watch this video. Watch it two or three times. And watch it again when you need to. Learn about yourself.


About Skumlove

Skumlove has released their new video titled ‘The Dark’. Music with a meaning and video with a vision, ‘The Dark’ explores that ‘thing’ that most of us are affected by but few dare to talk. Stigma is a prejudice. Prejudice is ignorance. And, since isolation was somewhat mandated in the last year, anxiety and depression have become the norm. But, there is strength in numbers. Discussion can be exposing. ‘The Dark’ is a reminder that we are not alone and we have nothing to fear. Let the music be the anthem for a movement.

The ‘You Rock Foundation’ has partnered with Skumlove in supporting their single, “The Dark” and hopes to shed light on anyone who may be going through dark times and in need of help or support. More information on the ‘You Rock Foundation’ can be found HERE.


About Space Summit

Space Summit has officially premiered their new video for the track titled ‘I’m Electric’, from the upcoming album ‘Life This Way’, releasing September 10th. Remembering our review of the single, its easy to get a feel of an assumption to what the video may be. That assumption is nearly shattered. What we get with the video is a film. An artistic take on the feel of the song. A combination of a dark journey and stunning visuals by a film level director.

We get life, this way, to steal from the title of the album that bears ‘I’m Electric’. The marriage of different artists from different fields, genres, lives, and molded together in chaotic harmony that invokes as much as it inspires. Watch with open interpretation and let that feed your inspiration. You will know the meaning of art.

‘Life This Way’ releases September 10th.


About The Convenience

The Convenience have released their new video for the track titled ‘Fake Roses’. Built around a basic but brilliant simple hook and electronic drum, this retro styled track is simple yet elegant and memorable. A lot can be said with very little when it is done by the right people with the right execution and ‘Fake Roses’ is evidence of that. Take what you will from this video because it has so much to give.


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