Skumlove has released their new video titled ‘The Dark’. Music with a meaning and video with a vision, ‘The Dark’ explores that ‘thing’ that most of us are affected by but few dare to talk. Stigma is a prejudice. Prejudice is ignorance. And, since isolation was somewhat mandated in the last year, anxiety and depression have become the norm. But, there is strength in numbers. Discussion can be exposing. ‘The Dark’ is a reminder that we are not alone and we have nothing to fear. Let the music be the anthem for a movement.

Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie segment for Skumlove’s ‘Dark’ video.

The ‘You Rock Foundation’ has partnered with Skumlove in supporting their single, “The Dark” and hopes to shed light on anyone who may be going through dark times and in need of help or support. More information on the ‘You Rock Foundation’ can be found HERE.

First Look: Skumlove - The Dark

About ‘The Dark’

Self-described as Dark Rock, Skumlove has officially released their upcoming single, “The Dark” on all platforms. Skumlove is a band consisting of vocalist Skum Love, Robyn Sin on guitars, Cisco Z on drums, and J. Diablo on bass, with extra guitar effects by Michael Ciravolo of ‘Beauty In Chaos’. Their upcoming single, “The Dark” was written by Skum Love, and produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound. The music video was shot and directed by Vicente Cordero at Industrialism Films.

“The Dark” was written “under duress while being held captive by the height of the pandemic in 2020. The song depicts dark imagery of four characters dealing with stress, anxiety and depression in their lives. A heartbroken girl, a stressed-out businessman, and a bullied youth contemplating revenge, while a battered housewife tries to drown her sorrows. Inside this darkness is a ray of light in the shape of a hand reaching out to pull them out of the turmoil and bad decisions.”

Alex Crescioni, who produced, mixed and mastered the single shares, “‘The Dark’ showcases a new sound for Skumlove that I feel has been waiting to emerge from the depths. The music and video complement each other beautifully encompassing vulnerability we all can relate to during times of mental and emotional unraveling.”

Speaking on the single, vocalist, Skum Love wanted to create a song that felt relatable during a challenging time within the past year. Skum Love shares, “This song is a very personal one. I knew it had to be more than just another song, it had to be a movement… I reached out to the ‘You Rock Foundation’, and with their incredible help, this song can reach to more people and hopefully reach others that are crying out for help. Music has always brought me out of a dark place and made me see the light.”

About Skumlove

Skumlove is a dark rock industrial band, originally from Los Angeles. The band consists of vocalist Skum Love, Robyn Sin on guitars, Cisco Z on drums, and J. Diablo on bass. Compared to Type O Negative, Prong, and Killing Joke, lead singer Skum Love always knew he wanted to be on the music scene. Skum Love was also a household name in Hollywood’s most notorious nightclubs and alleyways. While Skum was promoting clubs all over southern California, touring the world and spreading the “brand, there was always a musical itch that wasn’t being scratched.

Skum, under the wing of Glen Danzig, began the first incarnation of Skumlove consisting of an all-star cast including Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) and Justin Bennett of Skinny Puppy. Skumlove has also had Tony Campos (Static-X) and Tommy Victor (Prong), as well as Burton C. Bell and many other forms of the band.

Featured image by Erica Vincent.