1. The Poet Boy Jasper Wilderness 4:50

Jasper Wilderness is a 6 piece Alternative Rock band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gabriel Phillips, Samuel Bowling, and Jacob Brallier were attending the same university when a mutual friend put a school band together. This was the first time those three decided that music was what they wanted their future to be. They met in Jacob’s living room and experimented with Gabriel’s lyrics to “Black Gold.” Over the next couple months, the band added two of Samuel’s childhood friends: Jeremy Pelotte and Justin Scott. Lastly, Samuel reached out to his brother, Nick Bowling, three days before the band was scheduled to track their first single. Jasper Wilderness’ mission is to create an atmosphere with their music that allows listeners to escape themselves.

Jasper Wilderness released its first song “Cherish the River” in February, 2020. Since, the single has reached over a quarter million Spotify streams. Oral Roberts University 2020 Battle of the Bands champions, Jasper Wilderness brings raw energy to its live performances.

Jasper Wilderness followed up “Cherish the River” with a trio of singles including their latest single release “Younger.” The track is a celebration of life and the human experience that every day brings. Gabriel wrote the lyrics as a transitional anthem for those moving from one stage in life to the next. There is a fresh breath of youthful bliss from starting something new, and “Younger” serves as a catalyst for those walking into what is next.

The band released their first EP, Coming Home to Silence, on Nov. 12th 2021. The five song project reflects on the emotions The EP walks through several mindsets that Gabe has seen many of his friends take upon themselves. The opening track, Alibi, is a cry for help to return to a childlike joy after the realization that life has become oversaturated with pointless endeavors. The EP also dives into the poison of overthought, the fear of mortality, and the process of shutting out outside noise. The band wants to use this project to encourage their listeners to shield themselves from negative projections that society so naturally forces upon us.

SOURCE: Official Bio