1. Sick and Tired Joey Harkum 2:27

Joey Harkum has today released his new single titled ‘Sick and Tired’, from his upcoming album ‘Salt and Tar’, dropping later this spring.

Heartfelt and earnest with a touch of signature, Joey Harkum shows us an intimate portrait of self experience and epiphany showing that we all have baggage and we all suffer, but it’s how you pick yourself up and carry on that makes us the better person.

Set against a bare setting of a single guitar, the song sounds full an poignant with a voice that’s lived what its singing and loves what it learned.

All too short yet sweet in the right spots, ‘Sick and Tired’ is a lesson with lyrics. Bravo.

About Joey Harkum

For his entire life Joey Harkum has been strumming a guitar and after a decade of touring as the lead singer and songwriter of Baltimore-based band Pasadena, he released his debut solo album, Love and Labor, to critical acclaim in 2016.

Known for his deep and poignant lyrics telling stories of joy, love, loss and sadness, Joey brings the human experience to life through his relentless tour schedule that culminated in the release of Live at Buffalo Iron Works in 2018. 2020 brought new challenges but Joey has responded with writing and recording new music and has released his brand new album “Storyboard” in March of 2021.