Godfather Entertainment’s artist Kallosity who was recently featured on Ridah Redd’s EP Ridah Music on a track produced by multi-platinum producer Lex Luger, released his debut EP titled Survival of the Lyrics Chapter One. The EP is a 6 track effort from the Godfather artist and shows off Kallosity’s lyrical skill, styles, rhyme pattern and shows he is ready to become a superstar in the music industry.

Kallosity shows that he can handle this EP himself without any large features. The only feature on Survival of the Lyrics Chapter one is on track number 5 titled Flatline. The track features fellow Godfather artist Ridah Redd and Tweet Tiggidy. This track is over 6 minutes long and are talking about what they need to do before they flatline.

The EP starts off with a track titled Plays, a heavy hard-hitting song that sets the tempo for the EP. Kallosity switches his flow several times on this from fast to slow showing off his talents and flexible something which will keep him relevant in the music industry for a long time.

Following Plays is the standout hit Do a Thang, this is a must listen for any hip-hop fan. Kallosity shines the brightest here with the first single of his EP and video to follow.

Next track is Lovers, Haters a song speaking about his lovers and haters and how they have turned him into the man, the artist he is today. Another well-produced track and Kallosity does an excellent job with his harmonies on the chorus.

If You Want It is a track about a woman and Kallosity is speaking to that woman and to his listeners about sexual behaviours he plans to have with the woman. Another track which shows and proves Kallosity can adjust to music industry and for radio.

The final track of the EP is a hard hitting track titled Bout My Paper. A track where Kallosity tells everyone he is well about his paper/money. The shortest track on the EP coming in at 2 minutes and 23 seconds but Kallosity shines on this again sounding unique in each of his songs.

Overall this EP is an excellent first release from the Godfather artist and hope to see much more from Kallosity and the whole Godfather team in the near future.