The singer and songwriter from Sweden known as Retz has released his latest single, “Sweet Memories.” The track has been published on the Mareld Records music label. With traditional folk-style lyrics and that unmistakably American sound, “Sweet Memories” is a genuine country-western ballad from across the pond, one which no fan of the genre should miss.

Retz (often stylized RETZ) cites as main artistic influences such legends as the Rolling Stones, BB-King, the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Paul Carrack, Phil Collins. Bill Haley, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and Bruce Springsteen. His characteristic vocal tone has elements of both Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, and it stands out even against the background of expert guitar work and marvelous songwriting.

Speaking of the themes of his new single, Retz writes, “Whether it’s the love of a man to a woman he’s so drawn to, a mother letting go of her son for so many years, or simply missing a loved one, this song ‘Sweet Memories’ speaks for itself.”

Retz puts his enjoyment of music before other related concerns. “I am an independent artist,” he writes. “The most important thing for me is to always keep it fun to create music. Thereafter, it will be really fun if people like what I create.”

Retz was born in 1956 growing up with rock, soul, blues and country music. He joined his first publicly noted band in the late sixties. He played rock music with Bobcat’s Rock Show in Gothenberg, and after an extended hiatus recorded an EP called “Lightning” in 2012. Spring of 2014 saw the release of his “Ride the Wave” EP, after which he corresponded with Australia’s Ramon Ray. Ray wrote lyrics and sent them to Retz, and “Sweet Memories” is the timely result of their collaboration.

“Sweet Memories” by Retz is available online worldwide.