Norwegian-American pop punk artist Lille Venn has released her highly anticipated new single “Just Like Me!!” via How I Feel Records. The track showcases Lille Venn’s fresh pop punk world with raging guitars and punchy vocals as lead singer Helene’s inner monologue narrates a scene of angst and self-doubt.

Amidst the roaring guitars and infectious hooks, “Just Like Me!!” captures the universal experience of feeling lost in a sea of expectations, yet fiercely determined to carve out one’s own path. It’s a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t quite fit in, reminding us that our flaws and imperfections are what make us unique. This pop punk anthem of self-discovery is set to unite international airwaves with colorful energy and unfiltered authenticity.

“Just Like Me!! is the inner monologue that starts playing when you realize you’re at a party you should’ve left hours ago. It’s an attempt to befriend your self-deprecating thoughts rather than push them away” shares lead vocalist / guitarist, Helene Brunæs.

Inspired by bands like Momma and Slow Pulp, the group leaned into raging guitar riffs to distract and counteract from negative self, talk paired with honest, introspective lyrics that serve as a reminder to let go of comparisons and self soothe from self-deprecating thoughts.

The single is their first release from the group’s newest musical project. Despite being a fairly new artist, Lille Venn has seen smashing success in their home country of Norway. “Just Like Me!!” marks their return after a standout 2023 that included notable festival performances at Øya, ByLarm, and Trondheim Calling alongside a US tour with alt-rock sensation Sir Chloe, allowing her to break into the US market and beyond.

With a series of upcoming festival performances and more music on the way, this is just the start for Lille Venn! Keep an ear out for more music coming soon.

About Lille Venn

Lille Venn is the introspective party outsider often seen in her old school uniform. Introduced to music through her brother’s emo/pop-punk collection, this inspired her to create her own sonic universe filled with vibrant colors, friendship bracelets, and bold pop-punk aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from Paramore, Blink-182, and Taylor Swift, her music is like a private journal, filled with stories of inner fears, hopes, and heartbreaks.

Despite her recent debut, Lille Venn has already gained a rapidly growing young fan base. With new music beyond Just Like Me!! on the way and upcoming performances at some of Norway’s largest festivals, Lille Venn is just getting started. Her music welcomes anyone feeling misunderstood or isolated, offering a temporary escape into a nostalgic wonderland.

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