Lisa Canny has today released her new single titled ‘Know It All’. To hear the genres folk and RnB in the same sentence when describing an up and coming artist is original in and of itself, to say the least. To hear it for yourself, when done right, is magic. Lisa has that ability to take the music she loves and put into, well, the music she loves to write. She makes this all her own. there is so much going on in ‘Know It All’ sonically, but you would never think that because its done in such a way that it doesn’t sound busy. It sounds enticing. The song pulls you in and gently caresses you with it’s audio goodness and becomes a part of your memory. Maybe Lisa is the one who knows it all.

About Lisa Canny

Lisa Canny is certainly an artist like no other. The Irish multi-instrumentalist unites traditional folk music with pop, RnB and electronica to make a sound that is completely unique. Proudly embracing her description as a “disgrace to the tradition”, Lisa Canny is a force to be reckoned with right now as evident on her new single. ‘Know It All’ is a punchy and empowering track, filled with playful strings and dynamic vocals.

The rising talent has been working furiously under numerous projects, and now sees the release of her long-anticipated multidisciplinary E.P. project FOLK+, alongside her headline show at London’s Hoxton Hall (April 15th) and a fully-immersive FOLK+ launch experience at The Old Church (June 1st). Canny is at her absolute strongest in a live setting. Expect everything from hard-hitting, banjo-driven-bangers to looping-harp and 3-part harmony arrangements; to finally heart-wrenching acoustic ballads that feel descended from the songbooks of Laura Marling.

Discovered by Miles Copeland (The Police, CIA Records) at a gig in LA, Canny was flown to France to ASCAPs Annual Songwriters Retreat to work with some of the industry’s top artists, producers and songwriters. From there she signed her first publishing deal and, soon after, packed her bags for London. Last year alone saw Canny sell out London’s infamous Jazz Café – not to mention a 26-date European tour.