Lord Jessiah has released his new video for the single titled ‘Sermon on the Mount’, produced by Wu Tang’s Bronze Nazareth and from his current album ‘Time Waits for No One’.

They say that music soothes the savage soul, which can not be more true than now. The times we are in are showing that we are at a crossroads. Our actions now can echo and reverberate for centuries to come. Leave it to artists such as Lord Jessiah to document, interpret and, hopefully, steer our actions and ourselves in the right direction. All it takes is that one right word. A phrase. Take that phrase and add it to a beat. And so on. That is what good artists do. That is how Lord Jessiah preaches. Maybe in 500 years someone will find this video and get a good impression on what we were and how we lived. At least they’ll know we left some good music.

Take a listen to ‘Sermon on the Mount’. However your day is going, you can at least say you heard a memorable song with a telling video and learned something. What that is, it’s up to you.

About Lord Jessiah and Bronze Nazareth & ‘Sermon on the Mount’

Via BLACK DAY IN JULY PRODUCTIONS, Lord Jessiah and Bronze Nazareth unleash the 3rd single from studio album “Time Waits For No One”.

This song finds Lord Jessiah taking the pulpit, and speaking to the masses about working through the cold chills of life’s ills. Nazareth’s horn laden, echoey production fits the eerie mood conveyed by Jessiah’s sharp wordplay and descriptive bars.

Strong but dirty!

“Time Waits For No One” the much anticipated album from Detroit Wisemen Lord Jessiah (fully produced by Wu Tang’s Bronze Nazareth) is available now on all streaming platforms!