1. I Don’t Want To Go Home Loud Forest 3:07

Loud Forest has today released their new single titled ‘I Don’t Want To Go Home’ from their upcoming album ‘Family Tree’, dropping this May.

Straight up starting off as a retro-esque electronic pop stomp, ‘I Don’t Want To Go Home’, drops a killer hook and reveals itself after it all makes sense and the song has fused with you brain to expand your #indie music fandom repertoire. Damn, this song is fun. Have fun with it.

About Loud Forest

The band Loud Forest is based in Los Angeles, CA where Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, a married couple, collaborate out of their experimental project space in Pasadena. Merging elements of alternative rock, Americana, and pop as well as post-punk into their moody, crafted indie rock, their earliest albums won a dedicated fan base and radio attention.

An album-oriented band, Loud Forest is doused in indie credibility from years of self-releases, homemade microphones and hosting rock shows in their studio. With influences ranging from Wilco to the Staples Singers, from Bob Dylan to Trey Sivan, from Spoon to Anderson .paak – the band distinguishes themselves with an acute attention to hooky melodies and intentional lyricism that plays with themes of love, fidelity and family. Drawing inspiration from their two daughters, Bernard and Rachel started the band to end all other bands they were in; a merging of creative forces and a project surrounded by their LA community.

Their 4th and forthcoming album, “Family Tree,” returns to their DIY approach; a beautiful lockdown creation of sparkly jams and alternative rock anthems that tell stories of their childhood through raw and angular expressions. Coming May, 2022.