Lydia’s Castle has today released their new single titled ‘Search For You’. This song grabs you in the feels from that first glorious note announcing ‘guitar rock is back, baby!’. This band means it when they say they pull no punches. Actually, they save all the punches for the n*tsack of anyone who disbelieved them as they stole the top of the music mountain and have no plans to relinquish.

Cinematic in the overall scope with a dash of prog, the band sounds bigger numerically than it is as they soar through whatever listening device you are using to ingest this. Meant for the stadium.

About Lydia’s Castle

Lydia’s Castle formed in 2020 as a project between Tonya LeeAnne and her husband, guitarist Cody Denton to share their love for metal and hard rock, while also using it as a sounding board for personal growth and vulnerability. The group was rounded out in 2021 when drummer Jon Wysocki (Staind, Soil) joined the fold. Ever since the band has been in the studio working on new music, which include their EP that will be released alongside additional music videos and regional tours.

“Search For You is about one of the greatest losses of my life, and I wanted to channel that pain into something creative that can be shared with others and help myself, the band and so many others know they are not alone” says Tonya LeeAnne. “The great thing about music and good lyrics is that the listener can make the song their own, and become attached to it in their own way, which is exactly how I got into music to begin with.”

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Lydia’s Castle is a rock band that pulls no punches.

Tonya LeeAnne’s powerhouse voice fuses with Cody Denton’s pummeling guitar riffs in a collision of old school blues soaked metal and hardcore riot grrrl rock and roll born from their own personal tragedy. The couple began collaborating during the 2020 COVI D – 19 “safer-at -home” mandates. Drummer Jon Wysocki (Staind, Soil, Save the World) joined the band in 2021.

The band’s debut singles “Phoenix” and “Falling Into Place” were released in February and March of 2022. Following their first singles, the band is positioned to release music consistently throughout the year, maintaining their deep connection to their fans. The band has performed with artists Diamanté, Renee Phoenix from Fit for Rivals and If I Die First in their short tenure together. Lydia’s Castle plans to continue to play consistent regional shows to build an authentic, natural fan base.

Lydia’s Castle’s mission is to encourage and inspire people to take their personal tragedy and build their own “castles” as they’ve built theirs during one of the most difficult periods in modern world history. Out of the ashes, the Phoenix never dies.