Maddie Glass has today released her new single titled ‘Kiss Your Best Friend’. Maddie give a performance within the song that both showcases her unique vocal style and sends the message of the song with the right combination of inflections and emotion.

Mildly emo and post punk, the right amount of angst is added for flavor with just enough power in the music to match Maddie’s vocals. Hearing a true guitar solo was definitely an added bonus.

Finding that right artist at the start of her career gives you the bragging rights to say ‘I remember her when…’. This is that moment.

About Maddie Glass

Pop punk singer-songwriter and actress, Maddie Glass is an unapologetic new artist on the rise. Born and raised in and around New York City, Maddie grew up acting and performing all around Manhattan in various Off Broadway productions where she found her love for the craft at a young age and never looked back. Attending NYU Tisch, Maddie Glass soon began songwriting; crafting witty, candid and relatable lyrics over a 2000’s throwback sound.

Her debut single “Livin in 2021” is a poignant tale of the struggles Maddie Glass has faced in her young adult life. She confides, “Livin In 2021” is a very vulnerable song for me to release because I discuss my personal struggles with anxiety, body image, eating disorders, which many people deal with in some way”. The song also details how unfortunate it is that women particularly often feel unsafe walking home late at night by themselves, which Maddie Glass has herself also experienced. Through unapologetic vocals, jagged pop-punk rhythms and gritty guitars, Maddie Glass successfully takes listeners on an enthralling musical rollercoaster.

On “Space Boyfriend” Maddie Glass discusses the perils of casual dating and her ultimate desires to find the one. The single features tongue and cheek lyrics and soaring melodies over Maddie Glass’ signature pop rock soundscapes.

Her upcoming and highly anticipated new single “Kiss Your Best Friend” chronicles the what if scenario of revenge kissing your ex’s best friend. With emo-infused power chords under Maddie’s unique vocal chops singing an attention-grabbing melody, “Kiss Your Best Friend” is the perfect revenge song for the season.

Her debut EP Thank you for Breaking my Heart is a standout collection of coming of age songs. Maddie Glass is the new kid on the block who is here to stay.