1. Psycho Matilda Duncan 3:14

Matilda Duncan has today released her new single titled ‘Psycho’ from across the pond to the world. Building slow like a slow burn and to a memorable crescendo, ‘Psycho’ mixes the guitar in with the music in an original way and heightening Matilda’s unique whispery and slightly weathered angelic voice to create a f*ck you to that special someone who may have wasted your time but taught you a valuable lesson about YOUR time.

Consider this a lyrical lesson for the ones that learned. An anthem for moving on.

About Matilda Duncan

Since debuting in 2018, Matilda Duncan has been honing her craft both in the studio and on the stage, with multiple head-turning singles including 2020’s ‘Out of Touch’ and an incredible string of tours alongside Australian Indie powerhouses The Rubens and Ruby Fields, plus appearing on huge festival stages like Groovin’ The Moo.

Now, returning with her first release since 2020, Matilda Duncan is showcasing her full stylistic power in ‘Psycho’, equipped with big, echoing electric guitar moments and breathtaking vocals. With an intake of breath that comes before something important, the song delivers intense guitar notes alongside sweet strumming before the chorus arrives in a swirl of building percussion and unapologetic vocals that soar with a graceful strength. Known for her epic, emotional bridges, Matilda doesn’t disappoint as the track reaches its pinnacle amongst a culmination of pop / rock power, piloted by a voice that belongs in the spotlight.

Written during a time of evolving emotional maturity and stylistic growth, Matilda Duncan brings an air of empowerment to ‘Psycho’ as she realises that some people just aren’t worth the effort, as she explains:

“‘Psycho’ is for everyone that’s ever put energy into a person and realized it was a waste of time. It was a bit of a turning point track stylistically and emotionally, I was certainly growing a lot around the time it was written.”

The release of Matilda Duncan’s new single comes alongside the announcement that the artist is gearing up for her highly-anticipated Queensland Tour in April, supporting Riley Pearce in Brisbane, headlining in Townsville and taking the stage at Mackay’s Lamberts Music Festival.