‘Mrs Matisee’ showcases Shane’s incredible talent and beautifully demonstrates the amazing capabilities of this young composer. The tack in undeniably stunning and transpires audiences into the fascinating world of Shane Thomas.

Shane was inspired to write the track earlier this year when he saw a painting by Henri Matisse. He was so taken with the beauty of the painting that he decided to compose a piece of music about it. Shortly after writing the track Shane discovered that Debussy had been inspired by the very same painting and produced a well known piece of music called, Arabesque.

Shane began playing the piano at the tender age of seven and has since taken on the challenge of mastering the art of the cello and percussion. Shane dreams up all of his music. He has never sat at a piano to compose anything. He does it all in his head, then later sits to play the piece. He can immediately play any melody or song he hears.

Aged ten, Shane was the youngest person in history to be signed to a music publisher, E.M.I. music.

Peter Andre, Jamie Cullum, Bradley Walsh and Jason Mansford are all fans of the child star. The Royal Academy of Music and Yehudi Menuhin school both describe Shane as ,‘’A complete one off’’.

Some of Shane’s highlights to date include; appearing on, Odd one In (as Britain’s Mozart), The One Show, London Tonight and at The Young composers award in 2011. Shane has performed at Castle Howard to over 10,000 people as well as to the Duchess of Kent, at the Royal Academy of Music. Both the Daily Mail and Sunday Express Magazine have run full page articles on Shane and his unique talent.

About Shane Thomas:
Shane Thomas was born in south London on 1st September 1999. When he was six months old he was able to select and fit together lego pieces of the same colour, and by the age of three he could operate all the technology in the house. He had memorised the phone book and would call people up if the phone was left within his reach. Shane could also memorise maps covering a distance of two or three hundred miles or more. At five, he could read and spell like the average adult.

It was when Shane Thomas was three years of age that he insisted he could play the piano. He had never touched a piano in his life, so nobody took him seriously and he resorted to playing an imaginary piano on the carpet. One day he wrote a time signature -for no apparent reason- and showed everyone in the family. When Shane was six years old, he prophesised to his father that he was going to be world famous at the age of 12. He didn’t explain why or how.

One day when Shane was shopping with his Nan, he asked her to buy him a piano and she kindly agreed, despite the expense. When it arrived, Shane performed some sort of miracle. He immediately started playing ‘Little Donkey’. Then he played ‘Away in a Manger’, ‘Silent Night’ and other recognisable tunes, using both hands. Within weeks he had composed his first piece of music which he entitled ‘The Sycamores’, and four months later he was chosen as one of just seven children in the entire country to be nominated for the Talented Youngster of the Year award. He performed to celebrities at the Grand Palace Hotel in Manchester and chose to play ‘Memory’, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theme from the musical Cats.

Unfortunately Shane’s mother strongly disagreed with the idea of her son becoming famous, and believed his father was paying too much attention to Shane’s talents. She told his father that the music had to stop or she would file for divorce. The music continued.

In November 2007, the family separated. Shane lost his school, his friends, his brother and sister, his home and his mother all in one day, and it was very painful for him. Shane’s father wondered whether his boy would ever be the same again. However, Shane came through this period in his life. Through his piano, he consoled himself and expressed his sadness. It was suggested that buying Shane a pet might help, so his father bought him a budgie which he called Joshua. Shane developed a very close bond with Joshua, and he used to tell him all his troubles.

At the start of 2008, Shane began to produce compositions in the most extraordinary manner. He could just dream them up one after the other, and was able to play them immediately, without practice. Shane calls the process “special moments”. Some might say it’s divine inspiration. Shane has always been a very spiritual boy. He reads the bible every night without fail, and can recite the psalms.

Certain people believe that he has a very special gift and he was born to share this gift with the world. Shane Thomas didn’t have a piano lesson for the first two years of playing, yet was able to emulate great classical composers. He has also mastered a vast range of contemporary styles. Just like Mozart, he is also a math genius.

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