Melo KAN, L.A.’s socially conscious rapper on the rise, drops a creative new visual for his latest record titled “Push Thru.” The single gives fans a taste of what to expect from the guitar-toting lyricist on his upcoming EP dubbed “The Melo KAN Lounge” coming soon.

“This video is significant to me because it’s loosely based off of my own life. I feel that sometimes just knowing someone has walked thru similar struggles and pushed thru, it provides hope. This video is hope in a visual,” the thought-provoking artist explains.

Melo KAN, best known for his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the song “You Don’t Like,” recently hosted a star-studded red carpet party in Hollywood celebrating the release of his new video. The rising star garnered a slew of new fans with his captivating performance along with an award winning live band lead by music director Nisan Stewart.

“Like most of the ‘Melo KAN Lounge’ EP, ‘Push Thru’ is something inspirational. I’m ecstatic about dropping the EP because of the responses I’ve received from ‘Bluez Man” and I anticipate the release of ‘Push Thru’ to be even bigger!” Melo says. “Music needs this right now to offset the club ‘turn up.’ This is that Life ‘Turn Up!’”