She gives full respect to pop, and R&B icons Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson.  She will never forget they were the ones who molded her into the artist she is today.  Please check out  what she had to say during our interview.

Where are you originally from?
I am from Louisville KY.

When did you start performing music?
I started back in the early 1992.

Which instruments do you play?
I don’t play instruments, my vocals are my instruments.

Describe your music interests and abilities.
My interest as a songwriter and singer is being able to share my gift with many people from around the world. My abilities of writing my own songs are a big plus for me.

What famous musicians inspire you?
Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Fred Hammond, Usher, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jackson.

What is some of your best musical memories?
The best memories were when I was on a movie set. I was sitting at a table with my friends and one of them asked me to sing something for her because she wanted her friends to hear me. There where 80 people in the room and it was loud and noisy so I was trying to sing a little loud for my friend, and her friends to hear me. Before I knew it, the room got very quiet as though you can hear a penny drop, and everybody stopped to clap for me. I was a little nervous when that happen, but very thankful everyone had enjoyed my song.

What public events do you have coming up?
I currently am working on 2015 shows. No shows for the rest of this year.

What would you say to beginners, who are nervous? 
I would say to the beginners, keep practicing, learn the business, and its normal to be nervous, just enjoy what you do, and you can get through it.

How do you balance your music with your family and friends? 
I spend time with my family and friends when I am not doing music. And on my work hard and grinding days, I take that time to work on my music.

Should we be expecting anything new to be released?
Yes, even though I released my latest CD on June 24th 2014, I am currently working on another project. No release date as of yet, but I like to always have more music for my fans.

Where can we follow your career at? 
You can follow me at the following links:
Angel Sessions | Facebook
Angel Sessions | Twitter
my website:

Do you get nervous before a performance?
Yes, sometimes. Even though I have performed so many times, I still treat it like it’s my first time.  I still want to perform my very best, to give an outstanding show for my fans.

Do you attend jam sessions?
I haven’t had the time for jam sessions because it’s been nonstop for me working on my career.

Is your family musical? 
No my family isn’t musical.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? 
I handle my mistakes with a smile on my face and just keep singing. I try not to let them see me sweat. Lol. 

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