Many friends have gotten lost in their self inflicted ways.  When you are lost do you ask for directions?  In some cases it’s simply too late. There are millions who are lost.  My news to you is that you CAN be found.  Is it possible you may be asking directions from a false idol? Who do you follow?

Check out what Heather Shallowpoint had to say during our interview.

Featuring:  “SHALLOWPOINT.” 

Heather Shallowpoint—Bass
Chuck Shallowpoint—vocals-guitar
Rob S –lead guitar/vocals
Landon B–Drums

When did you start performing music?
I started playing bass guitar around the age of 16. I actually played in my mom’s rock and roll band, and she was the singer. As a band we got serious about five years ago.

Which instruments do you play?
I play Bass guitar.

Describe your music interests and abilities.
Admittedly I like heavy rock and Metal Stuff.  Stuff like; Hellyea, Five Finger death punch, Rammstein etc., and as far as my abilities go, I was taught early on how to read music, but I mostly play it by ear.  Generally I find it by ear before I ever have to refer to the sheet music.

What famous musicians inspire you?
I have always been a big Gene Simmons fan;

“Ultimately, he’s the coolest creepiest bass player ever!”

He is widely admired for his business sensibilities.

What are some of your best musical memories?

“Wow, so many of them!”

I still have great memories of growing up and playing in my mom’s band. As of recently, the time we opened up for Hellyeah and Sevendust will always be remembered among the best!

What public events do you have coming up?
We have several shows coming up around our hometown, Knoxville Tn.  We plan on doing some touring this summer.  We will be releasing a new video for our song “Broken Life” sometime within the next six months.

What would you say to beginners in the industry, who are nervous?

“Take a deep breath, just don’t forget to breathe!” (Laughs)  

None of it comes overnight, it takes SEVERAL years of dedication and hard work. It also takes lots of determination, negativity, stress, and naysayers.

“You MUST be extremely tough in this business.”

How do you balance your music with your family and friends?
Friends and family were pretty much involved at one point or another with the band.

“They are all very supportive.”

Should we expect anything new releasing soon?
With the addition of our new drummer we are in the process of writing new material.  We have several new songs in the works. The release date is also in the works.

Where can we follow your career at?
Most of my spare time is spent on Facebook. I have found it to be very entertaining and a great place to communicate with fans.

Do you get nervous before a performance?

“I do!”

Usually after the first two songs I am back to normal though. I sometimes wonder if I will ever get over that!  (LAUGHS)

Do you attend jam sessions?
Sadly, I don’t have enough time for jam sessions. Our band keeps us extremely busy.

Is your family musical?
Yes, my brother played drums for a long time and my mother was
also a rock singer.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
I laugh them off, it’s about all you can do, and I DO make them!  (Laughs)

What made you go with Heavy Metal?

“Metal is my favorite genre, it always has been.”

I like, and listen to all sorts of music.

“I always come back to metal.”

Where did the name (SHALLOWPOINT) Come From?
Basically the name (SHALLOWPOINT) comes from when you reach a shallow point in your life, a point at which all seems lost. Most of our songs are written around this theme as well as written about real life circumstances.

How long have you known your band mates?
Well… Chuck Shallowpoint is my husband, he plays guitar and sings, and we have known each other since High School. Robbie Smith plays guitar and sings mostly backup, though he is the lead singer in our song Self Inflicted.

We have known Robbie since childhood, he is pretty much family. Landon Best is our newest member, he is the drummer. We have known him for only about six months. He is fitting in nicely and hanging in there with us, which can be hard to do! (LAUGHS)

Name some Celebrity encounters.
That would be when we opened for Hellyeah and Sevendust.   I have lots of pics with a lot of those guys!

“They are all awesome!”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years? Hmm… Wow… I don’t really know. I expect we will continue on for every bit of five more years though!

Things have really changed for the better for us recently, so the future is looking really good.

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