It’s only a few, and then it ain’t true. Bringing back Hip Hop Dynamics like; Eazy E, and Too Short. Bad Newsz Greatest produces his own sound and genre he calls, “Rogue.” Check out what he had to say during our interview.

When did you start your musical journey?
I started recording in 2008, but I’ve been writing music since I was about 9 years old.

Which instruments do you play?
I mainly rap at the moment, but right now I’m getting the hang of an MPC. Later I’ll be working on getting to know the piano.

Describe your musical interests and abilities.
I love to create different sounds/genres of music. I like to show lyrical ability, while creating timeless forever type music.

What famous musicians inspire you?
The only artist I really listen to is me. I’m always working on new music so I never have the opportunity to listen to other artists.

What is your best musical memory?
It was at a 5th grade graduation party in Carson. The DJ asked if anybody could rap, or sing. I raised my hand, and he told me if it was ok with the mom who threw the party that my friend and I could get on the mic. We asked her, she said yes, and that she would pay us 5 dollars! We performed and rapped over, “Biggie Smalls Juicy.” We were lit!!! – (Laughs) we ran up to the lady with a crowd of ten behind us all hype like “where’s our money?!” she was like, “here’s 5 dollars.” I was like, “hold up you said 5 each!” She said nope “$2.50 a piece.” (Laughs) Good Times.

What public events do you have coming up?
I will be releasing a single before this month is up and also some merchandise in Oct.

What would you say to beginners in the industry who are nervous?
I would tell them O.A.F.O.U.L Only A Few of Us Left.

How do you balance your music with your family and friends?
The only ones that I see are my son, and few others in my family. I really don’t see the rest of them too often because of music, and all my other friends are in jail.

Should we be expecting anything new to be released? If so give info.
Yup – very soon. “I Live Forever | the Album.” should be releasing before the year is up. New music, and new merchandise coming soon, along with videos and showcases.

Rogue is a new sound/genre I stumbled upon while creating this. album. O.A.F.O.U.L is the 2nd Rogue record I’ve created, it’s produced by Hucci. It is the 4th single from the, “I Live Forever (album coming soon).” This record was recently released on iTunes & is featured on MTV. It’s also on the Shazma app & Google play.

California is home to many Hip-Hop artists, but none like Bad Newsz Greatest. Born and raised in Southern California with a unique style that will take you around the world. Coming off his sophomore
mixtape D.R.U.G.S (Dreams Reached Ugly Goal’s) there is a lot of buzz surrounding his name. Mixing old school traditional Hip Hop with new wave he has coined his own sound and following. I won’t say he’s known around the world, but he definitely gets around in the U.S. His biggest performance to date was one he had in Manhattan, New York! He literally gets love from West to East. Putting out D.R.U.G.S 2 – on Feb. 23rd, which has been doing great numbers and getting him the buzz he needs. Currently he is working on his 1st album called ‘I live forever’. The album has a tremendous amount of buzz around it; the three singles that have been released are featured on MTV & more than 50 music/fashion websites around the world. I live forever is set to be released in 2014.

Where can we follow your career at?
(Twitter) – @BadNewzCali
My MTV Page
Purchase On ITunes – O.A.F.O.U.L only a few of us left ✞ #ILF
MP-3 – O.A.F.O.U.L | Music

Bad Newsz Greatest — That Forever Life (Explicit)

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