Collin “Bine” Horton was born in Peru, Indiana April 27th, 1995. Throughout his life he has always struggled. While moving to 5 different schools he bounced between 4 different states. Bine was quite the loner. He has experienced every struggle life has to offer, with the exception of drug use. Growing up, at times he went without a father figure, with a mother who was constantly sick from a permanent illness. Bine always sought a way to fit in, but always stood out. Experiencing his share of bullying, verbal/physical abuse, and loneliness, he began searching for a way to express his feelings.

Bine was brought up in an almost entirely racist environment. At first being blinded by ignorance he hated hip hop and rap. At 14, Bine had begun to experience racism first hand after moving to Mississippi. Being white in a predominantly black environment, Bine was forced to understand racism and discrimination. Trying to fit in Bine began to rap, and after a year and a half he had moved again. Unfortunately the knowledge and experiences had followed him.

At age 15 Bine moved to Tennessee, and for a few months lived with his uncle. Because of his lack of a father figure, and sharing the same experiences, they quickly became close. The day after Christmas that year his uncle had died by his own hand. Shortly after that Bine had to move again, this time to Elwood, Indiana. Starting off as a freshman at a new school made it particularly hard to fit in, with no sinourity and no current friends Bine had decided to impress with his music. After a while he began to fit in, he had joined sports (wrestling, football) and continued to pursue his music. But after being one of the “popular” people in his school. He began to watch and observe the bullying, and fear of other kids who were being tormented by the “jocks”. Having been them once, he couldn’t stand for something, which stood for what he hated; he had left sports and found new friends.

At 16 Bine had met his first love, he had finally felt like he wasn’t alone. She had gone off to college which caused them to drift a-part. Fortunately they stayed the closest of friends. Shortly after Bine had turned 17 she also had died by her own hand (Explained in the song “Angels and Demons”). Bine didn’t say a word for 3 days, to anyone.

At 18 Bine, began to focus on his music harder than ever and released his first mixtape “Politics, Pride and Poetry”. At 19 Bine had experienced being homeless, and broke. His fiancé at the time who was pregnant inspired the song, “Dad’s Promise.” She ended up miscarrying. That has still not stopped him from pursuing music; currently working on his first album and second mixtape, Bine’s goal is to show he isn’t giving up and too show the outcast and troubled youth that they too, can make it through anything.

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Collin (Bine) Horton – Ain’t Nothing Changed

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