You walk in, your favorite band is playing, and immediately you feel it.  A presence in the room that gives you chills.  You look over, and there she is. Everything you’ve ever wanted , but thought you’d never find.  You lock eyes, and immediately your heart starts to race.  You feel like your life just began at the first glance, into her eyes.  Just listen to the lyrics, “I would have told you that I loved you from the first night.” “Cause, there ain’t nothing like the feeling of a first time.”  “You’re seeing stars, and your heart starts to race.” Cause there ain’t nothing like, “The Chase.” Check out what Keith Walker had to say during our interview.

When did you start your band?
I started playing music when I was 6.  I came home from school one day, and my dad had a guitar for me, and taught me how to play.  It’s kind of funny, but it became a chore for me just like doing the dishes.  I had to do my homework, and practice all my scales before I could play with my friends.

I formed my band when I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, and we started playing Tootsies 3 nights a week in downtown Nashville.  I had a blast playing there, and learned to work a crowd, but decided to change my focus from playing cover gigs, to playing shows that I could focus my own music on.  Creating a sound that I could call my own.

Which instruments do you play?
I mainly play guitar, but love to play Trumpet. I can somewhat get by on the Piano.

Describe your music interests and abilities.
I’m really interested in all genres of music, but country is where my heart and soul live.  I’m always listening to different kinds of music, new, and old, – to see if there is something that inspires me.

My abilities always stem from my focus, and that is to be as true to myself in everything I write, and play.  I’m a believer that if you don’t play or write what you know, the fans will feel it is fake, and it will never come across to them as genuine.

What famous musicians inspire you?
I’m inspired from a wide array of famous artists, bands, and writers. From AC/DC, and ZZ Top. To Dwight Yoakam, Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Waylon Jennings, I pull inspiration from pieces of each.  Right now I’ve been hooked on Travis Meadows (a Nashville songwriter), Dierks Bentley, Jason Isbell, Jason Mraz, and Eric Church.

What are some of your best musical memories?

Two short stories:

  1. When I was first trying to learn how to sing and play guitar at the same time as a kid.  I learned the Garth Brooks song “Papa Loved Momma”.  A month ago I was told that a song of mine was pitched to Garth Brooks recently, and he responded in a personal email saying he loved it…I nearly jumped out of my skin.  It’s crazy how things come out in full circle.
  1. When I was 9 years old, I was asked to play Taps on Trumpet for a Memorial Day Celebration.  It was my first public performance playing solo.  I was told to start playing when the guest speaker finished his speech and the flag was being lowered.  I got so nervous that I started playing Taps while they raised the flag and the speaker was still talking.  Once I started I couldn’t stop so I just kept on going like it was meant to be that way.  Looking back I can’t help but laugh, but back then I was devastated and wanted to run home.  I’m sure glad YouTube wasn’t a thing yet because it would have been all over it.

What public events do you have coming up?
I have a Writer’s showcase that I’m playing on October 18th in Brentwood, TN (just south of Nashville) with Anna Johnson (she appears on a couple of my songs), Wesley Blaylock, and Matt Giraud (American Idol).  It’s a party/show open to the public and should be a great time!

I just released a music video today, October 14th for the song “The Chase” which will be on my next record.

My merch store will be opening up through my website at the end of October.  There you’ll be able to get hard copies of CDs, Shirts, and more.

What would you say to beginners in the industry, who are nervous?
Start with the end in sight.  In other words, focus on the end goal whatever that may be, and never let go of it.  Live it, breathe it, and always stay true to that goal.  If you’re not sure how you’ll get there, just take the first step, and the next step will reveal itself.

How do you balance your music to fit with your family and friends?
This is definitely one of the hardest parts of this whole thing.  Luckily my wife is my biggest fan and motivator so she completely understands when I have to focus on music.  Sometimes we go weeks without spending time together.  I now put appointments in my calendar to spend time with my wife and friends because otherwise, it won’t happen.


Should we be expecting anything new to be released?

Yes, I’m working on my next record for release in 2015.  I’ve buckled down and have been writing constantly to make sure it always beats the last thing I’ve done.

Where can we follow your career at?
The best place to follow me is on my website

I personally man my own YouTube (, Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram ( pages, and always respond to people who reach out to me.

The Chase – Keith Walker – Official Music Video


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