1. I’m The Man The Chase 3:04

The Chase has today released their new single titled ‘I’m The Man’ on Golden Robot Records. A slow grind and even slower burn, the angst and the arrogant get their anthem fueled by testosterone and testicles drenched in the gritty guitar and memorable hook to hoist that middle finger to the doubters and deny the Vaseline to the haters as we find out who that man is. Reclaiming that phrase ‘I’m The Man’ has never seemed so creative or deserved. This song is infectious. Let it sink in.

I’m The Man’ is an out and out rock ’n’ roll slammer. It’s the total opposite end of the spectrum to our last single, which was an emotive ballad that showed my vulnerable side. Lyrically, ‘I’m The Man’ is the most arrogant song I’ve ever written and I like that. The term is often thrown my way, but I’m not sure why!? I think the track is also James’s best performance to date, the e-piano really gives the track a dark and bluesy vibe. Dion also needs a shout out, not only for the drumming but his backing vocals really add to the chorus and give it a lift

Tyler (Vox/Guitar/Songwriter)

About The Chase

Hailing from rebel city Nottingham, THE CHASE fuse brit-pop nonchalance with killer 60’s choruses and arena sized rock and roll to make a noise that is truly unique.

The band were hotly tipped by national UK promoter This Feeling in their ‘’Big in 2021’’ list and they went on to prove them right with performances at Isle of Wight Festival, The Great Escape, Gathering Sounds, Rewired and loads more. They also embarked on their first UK tour which saw them sell out a huge 450 capacity hometown show at the notorious Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. 2022 sees the band return with new music, shows and a promotional/marketing strategy mapped out for the whole year, culminating in a double vinyl release and even bigger headline shows in Nottingham and London.