1. An Interview with Neska Rose Jammerzine Exclusive 26:15

Neska Rose has today dropped her new video and single titled ‘Pick Me’. But we also get the opportunity to hear about ‘Pick Me’ from the artist herself in this exclusive interview with Jammerzine.

In this interview, we get an inside listen with an artist on the verge of making it. When you watch the video, you will already see that Neska has found her sound. We first ran into Neska when she was featured with her equally talented sister Libi (review HERE). The two fraternal twins continue their stellar rise to the top to this day with their music, including ‘Pick Me’.

Neska Rose has also just been cast in the upcoming Apple series ‘Extrapolations’, along with Murray Bartlett, Diane Lane & Yara Shahidi. More about that in the interview!

And now we get that next evolution in her musical revolution as well as this background glimpse as we get to know the musician behind the music. Enjoy!

Neska Rose – ‘Pick Me’

‘Pick Me’, both the song and video, have a unique and endearing quality that will leave you appreciating the song as much as liking it. Take into account the age of those involved, you find that Neska and Libi are wise beyond their years with that rare fire inside to guarantee a solid future in music.

About Neska Rose

The 15 year-old singer, songwriter, and actor Neska Rose has her sights set on making a big impact in the entertainment industry from a very young age, honing her musical craft since she was a 12 year old writing songs and performing at open mic nights in Los Angeles. Inspired by legendary artists she loves like Amy Winehouse, Queen, and Fiona Apple, Neska’s music clearly has similarities with other precocious pop stars of the moment like Olivia Rodrigo or Gracie Abrams, but with a songwriting voice and style that’s all her own.

In addition to being accompanied by her twin sister Libi on harmonies, “Pick Me” is produced by Ainjel Emme (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, additional keys) and features a number of other talented players, including Anthony Paul Lopez (Drums, Percussion), Shawn Davis (Bass Guitar), Jon Titterington (Piano), and Christopher Masterson (Electric Guitar, additional acoustic guitar). The initial sessions for “Pick Me” began during a family trip to Joshua Tree, working out some rough ideas for the song with Ainjel Emme before taking the song back to The Village Studios to lay down the final vocals and record the other instruments.

Either on stage and on screen, with a pen or guitar in hand, Neska Rose has already proven herself as a force to be reckoned with.