Billingsley has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Long Shot’. I have no other way to start this but to say that this is a fun song. Subtly anthemic, partly quirky, and totally engulfing, this song grows on you after you approve it. I could say it’s the hook. I could say it’s the style. It just is. And it stays with you after that first listen.

Billingsley sounds like a fun band. I hope this pandemic ends soon so we can see them live. I get the feeling their shows are a party. And we’re all invited.

About Billingsley

Billingsley is a Rock and Roll power trio from Hendersonvile, North Carolina. The band is composed of brothers Wilson, Grant, and Bennett (Willy, GrantMan, and Ben Bill$). Their music features elements of Funk, R&B, Jazz, and Rock, and emphasizes a fundamental balance between catchy hooks, seamless vocal harmonies, and seasoned musicianship.

At a Billingsley show, you will run into people of all ages and backgrounds. The trio aims to explore many musical genres and invite their audiences on a musical journey where everyone enjoys the ride.